KFC and Cannabis: 5 Fast Food Items Made More Delicious with Marijuana

Some fast food is bad, some fast food is good and some fast food tastes like heaven when you’re baked. Here are 5 fast foods to improve with cannabis.

Jul 11, 2015

https://herb.co/recipe/cannabis-caramel-sauceFast food may be more common among cannabis smokers, but that doesn’t mean we have poor taste. These restaurants just happen to be the only places open after we realize we have been watching the food network all day salivating. Here are 5 foods that taste even better when you’re high.

Bon(g) appetit!

1. A Medicated Breakfast with KFC
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Kentucky Fried Chicken received some fake press recently when they were featured in an article stating that many of their restaurants would begin attaching dispensaries to their stores (a true dream). The article is of course very convincing despite being from a singular, obscure source.

Although entirely false, we did think this idea could drastically improve the KFC sales. So taking matters into our own hands: a fabulous way to enjoy KFC while also medicating is to create KFC chicken and waffles, topped with some beautiful cannabis butter featured here.

2. Starbucks Smoke Up
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Photo Credit: Starbucks

It is summer time yet again and whether you are getting baked at the beach or enjoying some quality time in front of your air conditioner, there is nothing better than an ice cold drink. It’s no secret that many cannabis smokers have a keen sweet tooth and what better way to satisfy that craving than with the Caramel Ribbon Crunch from Starbucks?

Ask them to hold the caramel drizzle and resist downing the entire thing on your ride home (self control is a virtue) to where your cannabis caramel sauce waits for you. The end reward will greatly outweigh (and lift you higher than) the immediate gratification.

3. So High at Subway
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Subway is perfect if you need to switch up your post-smoke snack. From the various proteins to the ample selection of sauces or vegetables, hundreds of options are available for you to create an epic sandwich. Although most people generally know exactly what they like, we smokers have the ability to design sandwiches beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Next time you’re pondering a visit to Subway, burn one down first and see what amazing creations pop into your head (we’re thinking a meatball sub with extra cheddar topped with a healthy portion of pickles). If you’re the type who comes prepared and likes to experiment with cannabis consumption methods, make your sub sauceless and add your own CannaMayo after the fact for a scrumptious infused lunch.

4. Bud & Brainfreeze
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Any marijuana enthusiast is no stranger to 7/11 — where else can you pick up instant noodles, bandaids, milk, an iPod cable and a car freshener all in one place? However, there is one famous 7/11 staple that has kept people cool and refreshed—the slurpee.

Not only does 7/11 host all of the most delicious flavors, they can each be combined to create new flavors, perfect for those of us that think slightly outside the box. If you’re close to home, consider adding a dash of Cannabis Coconut Oil upon return — the mild flavor won’t muck up your delicate blue-raspberry-coca-cola-banana combo you meticulously concocted.

5. What’s Up, White Castle?
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Need we say more? But wait, we do: wash it down with an infused Chocolate Banana Shake for the greatest meal of your life — exaggeration? We think not.


Featured image credit: The Plant Based Blogger

Jul 11, 2015