Kitten Summer Games Will Make Your Wednesday The Best Ever

First, there was the puppy bowl, now we have Kitten Summer Games! Spark one and watch the highlights. You’ll have the happiest high, like ever.

Aug 10, 2016

First, there was the Puppy Bowl, now we have the Kitten Summer Games! Although the name may make it sound a bit vanilla, it’s just as intense as the real deal in Brazil. On Friday, the Hallmark Channel hosted the first Kitten Summer Games, featuring 90 furry athletes competing for the highest score. Additionally, these fuzzballs have badass names to match their athletic skills, like Felina Williams the tennis star and Kristy Yama Cat Chi the gymnastics diva. If you missed out on the cuteness, you have to spark one and watch the highlights. You’ll have the happiest high, like ever.

Kitten Summer Games

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The Kitten Summer Games features the nation’s most active and adoptable kittens competing in a series of fun events. From tennis to wrestling, there is a variety of sports in which these felines compete in, hoping to bring home a gold, silver, or bronze medal. Of course, all participating kittens are tested for blood doping and PEDs. Although drugs that

Although drugs that enhance their “purrformance” isn’t allowed, they do have “purrmission” to have a little catnip.

Also, the event’s host Beth Stern, wife of Howard Stern, is an animal activist. Additionally, she’s a national spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America. The Hallmark Channel continues its partnership with the shelter as well as Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation. At the end of the games, all kittens go to a brand new home.

Adorable and entertaining highlights

Although I can’t share every single highlight with you, there are a few worth mentioning that stole my heart. First, Hissimone Biles, from Catlombus, Ohio. This rather intense highlight features the number one ranking feline in the competition that has her heart set on the gold medal. She fights to make it across the balance beam without

She fights to make it across the balance beam without falling and is accompanied by daring music and a nervous and cuddly audience. Among the audience was Ke-Ke, who was either too stoned on catnip to keep her eyes opened or just couldn’t bear the excitement. Nevertheless, Hissimone finished on all four feet.

Additionally, there are the opening ceremonies, which gives you a glimpse of the fun that’s about to come. From the flashing neon lights to the energetic music, the entire opening ceremony gives nothing but good vibes. The look on these furry athlete’s faces shows that they mean business, and you cannot help but laugh at the seriousness.

Finally, the cat condos, where the catletes chill. There’s a pool table, a flat-screen TV, and even bunkbeds to lay on when they have too much catnip. Because these kitties train hard, they need a place to relax and escape from some of the cattiness that occurs during the games.

For more highlights, head on over to Burn some herb while watching the highlights, and I promise you won’t regret it.

What did you think of the Kitten Summer Games? Which catlete was your favorite? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

Aug 10, 2016