Get More Than Just Medicated With These Infused Gummies


Kushy Punch makes delicious cannabis-infused gummies, and have taken it upon themselves to support specific causes that align with their communities.

Dec 1, 2016

As our industry continues to grow, evolve, and mature, the responsibility of giving back and building a strong rapport with the community, becomes even more integral. Without the support of patients and compassionate caregivers, this industry would be non-existant. With the industry becoming more accessible to the average consumer, cannabis producers like Kushy Punch have taken it upon themselves to donate and support specific causes that align with their communities.

Gummies with a powerful punch

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Kushy Punch offers a delectable line of cannabis-infused gummies that come in a variety of flavors. Using a whole plant extract, the gummies take advantage of everything the Cannabis plant has to offer; the main source of the punch.

Instead of adding senseless amounts of sugar and artificial flavorings, Kushy Punch is naturally flavored with fruit and cannabis-derived terpenes and essential oils.

With six different varieties to choose from, patients looking for moderate to severe pain relief have options to get the healing they need. Currently, Kushy Punch is available in select dispensaries throughout California, with demand on the rise, expansion to other states is a goal for the future.

In addition to the mouth-watering gummies, Kushy Vape is the company’s most recent offering into the market of disposable vapes. Just like in the gummies, terpenes and essential oils pair with cannabis to create a portable, on-the-go device that packs a serious punch.

Kushy Vape produces 300 puffs of luxuriously smooth, flavorful, and potent clouds. Available in six different flavors, Kushy Punch has meticulously crafted an incredibly tasty vape experience.

Kushy Punch give back

kp3 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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Aside from creating deliciously infused cannabis confections, Kushy Punch believes it’s their duty to give back to the community that has given THEM so much. Their strong views on philanthropy have solidified

Their strong views on philanthropy have solidified Kushy Punch as one of the first cannabis companies to get involved in their own community. Being residents of California, gives them the opportunity to assist one of the largest homeless and poverty-stricken populations in the country.

It doesn’t stop at just helping the underprivileged, Kushy Punch is fully invested in educating consumers on the dangers of opioid use/addiction. Steering medical patients towards safer alternatives like cannabis have helped make a dent in addiction statistics in states with legal recreational cannabis.

Continuing with the idea of charity, Kushy Punch has also joined up with Wildlife Waystation, an animal sanctuary in Sylmar, CA. Through quarterly donations, KP aims to help support the staff that tends to over 400 animals.

Without federal or state grant money, Wildlife Waystation is dependent on benefactors like Kushy Punch, to operate and care for the grounds and animal residents.

With Kushy Punch, rest assured, your purchase goes the extra mile. By setting this example, KP hopes to change the way you medicate as well as the way cannabis producers do business.

Dec 1, 2016