Strain Of The Day: LA Confidential

LA Confidential is an award-winning strain for a reason. This indica boasts some unique effects. Expect a cerebral punch from an otherwise relaxing strain.

Oct 17, 2016

LA Confidential is a unique indica. Though this strain can be heavily sedating, it features some unusual cerebral effects as well. Typically, indicas are all body and little mind. However, this sleepy flower can provoke some uplifting thoughtfulness. A powerful strain, LA Confidential is recommended for experienced consumers. 

Strain details

LA Confidential 1 African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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As you probably have guessed, LA Confidential is a Southern Californian strain. A cross between Afghani and LA OG Affie, this is one potent indica. LA Confidential has inherited the best from the nearly pure indica mix. The roots of this modern strain lie in the Middle Eastern Kush Mountain region.

LA Confidential has won many an award over the past several years, with good reason. For a pure indica, the effects can be oddly cerebral. LA Confidential typically has a high THC content. On average, most buds run somewhere around 21%. However, the range is anywhere between 19 and 25%.

This strain has an earthy pine aroma with a hint of OG acidity. Thanks to Kush genetics, expect a lingering sweet aftertaste on the exhale. The smoke tends to be very lung-expansive, so beware of a few coughs after a big hit.

The LA Confidential experience

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The high from LA Confidential varies depending on the amount you consume. In lower doses, you’re likely to experience some more euphoric effects without being too heavily sedated. Yet, the more you consume, the more psychedelic the experience can become.

LA Confidential provides some serious deep body relaxation. It’s the combination of the heavy sedative with the blissful euphoria that can inspire some psychedelic-like feelings. Overall, though, you can expect a deeply calming and powerful physical effect.

This is definitely a nighttime strain. It tends to inspire a serious case of the munchies, so it might be perfect for the evening in between dinner and dessert. LA Confidential is also known for its quick-hitting effects. If you need some relaxation in a hurry, this flower will calm you down after just a puff or two.

Why do people use LA Confidential?

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If you’re an indica fan, LA Confidential is sure to please. It can be a mellow sedative in lower doses but expect some full-on couch lock after a complete bowl. This is a strain for a boring weekend or when you just need some time to rest and recuperate. LA Confidential is also a great way to take a load off after a long and stressful day.

Medical consumers have many reasons to like this strain. The strong, body-numbing effects work wonders for pain. Whether it is muscle aches after a day of manual labor or nerve pain from an illness or injury, LA Confidential can provide some much-needed relief.

Those with nausea or trouble maintaining appetite will also enjoy this strain. If gastrointestinal pain has been souring your mood, you’ll soon forget the distress after a little LA Confidential. Those who need extra help falling asleep will appreciate the heavy-lidded effects of this drowsy flower.

Oct 17, 2016