New Legalization Means Better Weed Deals In ALL Markets

Leafbuyer can help recreational and medical customers save green on green, and that means bigger and better cannabis deals for you.

Nov 21, 2016

With the recent legalization victories this November, more than half the nation has now said YES to cannabis! In newly medical states like Florida and newly recreational states like California, consumers and patients will soon discover the #1 benefit of legalization: lower prices. Legal competition brings more and more dispensaries providing great deals on legal marijuana. Even in less populated states and the black market, prices will drastically drop as more consumers enter organized dispensary markets. How can you take advantage of these top-shelf deals?

Great deals in no time

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Fortunately, there’s an online resource that can not only save customers time when locating a dependable establishment, but it can save money, too. Because when it comes to cannabis, patients and consumers want to get the best benefits possible, at the lowest cost.

Leafbuyer is an online resource for cannabis customers who are looking to do just that. With over 6,500 active users on their website, Leafbuyer is helping a large portion of the cannabis community in Colorado, Southern California, Nevada, and Washington locate the best dispensaries and the most exclusive coupons.

Through their exclusive partnerships with many dispensaries, Leafbuyer is able to offer customers groundbreaking deals on every type of cannabis product like flower, concentrates, and edibles.

PLUS, in legal areas cannabis follows other consumer trends. That means hot cannabis deals at Christmas, 4th of July, and other holidays!

With the savings tallied on their ever-growing website, they’ve currently help consumers save over $3 million. Why pay the same price as every other dispensary customer, when there is an innovative resource available to help save money?

Leafbuyer know what’s best for you

Leafbuyer has been featured on NBC News and The Street, listed as one of the top cannabis resources on the market today. It’s no wonder people are heading to their site to take advantage of the amazing deals offered.

Customers are even able to take a virtual tour of dispensaries, so they’ll know exactly what to expect before ever leaving their homes.

A great tool for newcomers to the world of cannabis, Leafbuyer gives breakdowns of the different species of cannabis and which cannabinoids work best with certain conditions.

There’s even a chart that breaks down the function of each cannabinoid, meaning there’s absolutely zero guessing when it comes to deciding on which strain or product to purchase.

Hot Deals in your Inbox, too

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Want access to even more exclusive offers? Joining their email list is a piece of cake. All you have to to do is enter their email and hit submit.

Instantly, you’ll gain access to the latest and greatest information available pertaining to dispensaries, grower supplies, strain guides, news, job resources, exclusive coupons and so much more.

Now savvy consumers can get the best information and the best marijuana coupons in one place. Just go to the Leafbuyer website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Nov 21, 2016