Lemon Alien Dawg: Relax & Unwind With This Zesty Hybrid

Lemon Alien Dawg is a mouthful of a name, but this strain is all smooth, lemony, relaxation, perfect for those with anxiety, depression, and muscular pain.

Jan 12, 2017

Lemon Alien Dawg may be a funny name, but this strain is seriously laid back. A good choice for those with anxiety, this strain promotes a happy and upbeat vibe while helping consumers relax and unwind. Pick this strain up for some post-work stress relief or take on a long walk around a park.

Strain details

Lemon Alien Dawg 1 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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Lemon Alien Dawg is a hybrid strain that leans to the indica side. A cross between Alien Dawg and Lemon Kush, this strain has inherited an amiable attitude. Alien Dawg is an indica-dominant offspring of Chemdawg. Several different strains use the moniker “Lemon Kush”, but most are also indica-dominant hybrids.

This strain is fairly potent, often featuring up to 18% THC. Those with intermediate cannabis experience and above will likely enjoy the cheerful mood and relaxation this strain provides. Novice consumers, however, may find LAD a little too sedative or psychoactive.

As the name suggests, Lemon Alien Dawg has a strong lemon aroma. However, flowers also have a love sweet pine aroma, especially when broken up or ground. All in all, the strain has a nice citrus acidity that would provide nice flavor to sweet or savory edibles.

The Lemon Alien Dawg experience

Lemon Alien Dawg 2 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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Lemon Alien Dawg is an excellent low-key strain for just about any activity. This hybrid is a 60/40 indica dominant flower, giving it a gently sedative effect that isn’t overpowering. LAD tends to kick off with a pleasant and upbeat vibe and a slight pressure around the eyes and face.

Overall, LAD provides an easy relaxation and a chill attitude. It provides just enough relief from muscle tension to make for a good yoga or gentle exercise – something that doesn’t demand all that much energy.

Yet, for the most part, Lemon Alien Dawg is fairly clear-headed and focused, though you might find yourself wanting to kick back more than exert yourself.

Those with a decent amount of cannabis experience will likely find that LAD is a fairly good choice for a slightly sedative daytime or afternoon strain. However, those who dislike feeling drowsy with cannabis may want to save this strain for bedtime.

Why do people use Lemon Alien Dawg?

Lemon Alien Dawg 3 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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Recreationally, Lemon Alien Dawg is a great social strain. It is nice and calm, making it great to bring along to just about any social gathering.

However, those looking to stay out late and hit the dance floor will likely want something a little more energizing, like Jack Herer. Otherwise, this bud is perfect for a long walk or a meal with friends or family.

The laidback effects of Lemon Alien Dawg may prove useful to those with social anxiety. Unlike pure indica strains, LAD is not so tiring that it makes you want to stay inside. Rather, this strain cultivates a general positive spirit and a mellow vibe. Similarly, this strain is also popular among those looking for relief from depression.

On the physical side of things, Lemon Alien Dawg is popular for those who experience muscle spasms and various types of gastrointestinal distress. Nausea and a lack of appetite are common reasons that people pick up this mild-mannered strain. The indica-dominant heritage makes LAD a suitable choice for those with moderate pain.

Jan 12, 2017