Lemon Skunk: An Upbeat And Euphoric Sativa-Dominant Delight

Searching for a stimulating yet down to earth hybrid strain? Lemon Skunk is a powerful flower providing pleasantly creative, cerebral, and euphoric effects.

Jul 6, 2017

Searching for a stimulating yet down to earth hybrid strain? Look no further than Lemon Skunk. The Lemon Skunk strain is a powerful flower that is thought to provide pleasantly creative, cerebral, and euphoric effects. Yet, the strain also has a slightly hazy, sedative side. Pick up this bud for an extra special daytime treat.

Strain details

The Lemon Skunk strain is a hybrid cross bred by the respected DNA Genetics. This strain is an offspring of an even more famous hybrid, Skunk No. 1. Strains in the skunk family line have a reputation for being a bit hazy and slightly hypnotic, but upbeat and euphoric overall. Lemon Skunk has inherited sativa-dominant traits and is considered easy to grow.

Making top strain lists over the past five years, this is one potent bud. Often producing up to 22 percent THC, even experienced consumers will likely be impressed by the power of this bud. In high doses, the strain can cause some dizziness. Yet, unlike other contemporary sativa-hybrids, it does not often cause raciness or anxiety. Unless, of course, the consumer is sensitive to THC.

This strain can sure make an impression on the nose. As the name suggests, Lemon Skunk has a sharp and strong citrus aroma. This is accompanied by a pungent and perhaps slightly sweet skunkiness. A dry pull of this strain is recommended before hitting a joint, blunt, or any other smokable.

The Lemon Skunk experience

Lemon Skunk A 1 Bongs VS Pipes: Which Is The Best Option For New Smokers?
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Not only does this strain leave an impression on the taste buds, but its happy and upbeat nature provides an experience to remember. This perky strain is safe to consume during the day. However, this flower may be a little too laid back for a morning bud. Instead, Lemon Skunk makes for the perfect lunchtime flower.

The Lemon Skunk strain provides a creative and stimulating cerebral experience while also encouraging a gentle body relaxation. Lemon Skunk is thought to be fairly long-lasting, which is a bonus for those hoping to find a strain that can get them through a round of chores or another tedious task.

Unfortunately, though, Lemon Skunk does not necessarily improve attention or concentration. Rather, this strain is thought to have a more sedative quality that makes it better for relaxing than getting things done. Though, it’s still entirely possible to harness the low-key energy this flower provides for productive tasks. Those hoping to get through a busy day with Lemon Skunk may want to consider microdosing.

Why do people use Lemon Skunk?

Lemon Skunk A 2new Bongs VS Pipes: Which Is The Best Option For New Smokers?
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Lemon Skunk is a great flower to grab when you’re looking for some fun. The effects of this strain are silly, pleasant, and relaxing without being overpowering. Of course, the higher the dose, the more likely you are to find yourself ready for some nap time at home. This strain is one that cannabis-savvy friends will certainly want to share.

Medical cannabis patients pick it up for a wide variety of different ailments. This strain is thought to be particularly popular for nausea and vomiting, especially for those seeking daytime relief. The easygoing nature of this bud also makes it a top choice among those with mental health ailments like depression and anxiety.

Jul 6, 2017