4 reasons why life is more enjoyable when you’re high

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Here’s proof that life is more enjoyable when you’re high on that marijuana.

Dec 22, 2017
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When you’ve grasped onto a noxious substance like alcohol or opioids too tightly, the outcome is often devastating, both for yourself and those close to you. But can the same be said of marijuana? While great things often come in moderation, many—from rappers to veterans to writers—have found salvation in frequent marijuana use, believing it to be the be key to a higher quality of existence. Here are four reasons why life is more enjoyable when you’re high.

1. Tolerating humans and their buffoonery is elementary when you’re high.


You ever step outside the house and immediately think to yourself “ugh, people”? You’re just one of the millions of individuals that feel the same way. More humans are wreaking havoc on this planet with their moronic actions than we know what to do with, so no one can blame you for being somewhat of an introvert in this day and age.

But deserting those we disagree with on a remote island is not realistic. Luckily, getting high makes it easier to tolerate the inevitable frustrations—from road-rage, to Sunday supermarket chaos—of daily life. Smoking on strains like Blue Diesel and Chem Dawg will have you feeling like you’re in your own little carefree world.

2. Increased sexual satisfaction is just a spark away.


In 2016, researchers from the University of Catania in Italy and Charles University and Masaryk University sought to reveal the aphrodisiac potential of cannabis. As it turns out, half of all the respondents to their study firmly believed that marijuana was beneficial to their sexual drive. In fact, 70% of the people that participated reported enhancement in both pleasure and satisfaction after smoking weed.

Of course, having a partner to share endless orgasms with is even better. Speaking of partners, in 2009, the Australian Centre for Sex discovered that pot smokers were more likely to have more sexual partners. Wonder why?

3. You not only wake up with a smile, but you also sleep as peacefully as a dove.


Waking up on the wrong side of the bed almost always guarantees a lousy day. And when it comes time to hit the hay, being stuck in a sour mood doesn’t exactly promote a good night’s rest. Thankfully, there’s a solution to both, and that’s weed.

By waking and baking, you get to start your day with a more positive attitude. After all, there’s not much to complain about when you’re as high as a kite and feeling right. Then, as the sun goes down and it gets closer to bedtime, firing up a sleep-inducing strain such as Grandaddy Purple or Afghan Kush will have you in dreamland before you know it, relieving you from a long, tedious day.

4. Being high makes you a happier person in general.


Weed smokers are some of the happiest people alive. Not only does cannabis boost your dopamine levels, but it also increases serotonin and endorphins, all of which are chemicals that cause happiness. The higher the number of these particular chemicals you have in your brain, the better you will feel. Don’t believe me? Just ask Snoop Dogg.

Dec 22, 2017