Guys, There Are Lucky Pennies Out There Worth $1,000

Are you running low on funds this month? If so, Ally Bank is scattering 100 lucky pennies worth $1,000 each all across the US.

Oct 31, 2016

Are you running low on funds this month? If so, collecting those pennies you find on the ground may not be such a bad idea. Ally Bank is scattering lucky pennies worth $1,000 all across the US. Because pennies aren’t seen as having any value, people often overlook them, and some even throw them away. However, people like Terry Williams occasionally decide to pick one up, not knowing just how much luck can come from it. A whole lot of luck. Be sure to hear all about the lucky pennies hidden across the country in the video below. 


Lucky pennies

It’s time to stop passing by those pennies you see just about everywhere. Although you may not believe they are worth anything, there are now 100 pennies worth $1,000 hiding all across the US.

In the video, Terry Williams of Detroit shares his story of how he saw a shiny penny laying on the sidewalk, and decided to go ahead and pick it up. Little did Terry know, he was picking up a whole grand. In fact, it wasn’t until a few days after having the penny kept in his pocket that he realized what he had.

As part of a promotion, Detroit-based Ally Bank is placing the 100 lucky pennies across the country, all of which are worth one grand. Rather than displaying President Lincoln’s head, the coins include Ally’s logo on one side. If you flip it over, it reads 100,000, which means the coin is worth 100,000 pennies, equalling $1,000.

Although it may sound like a long shot tracking down one of these lucky pennies, it still doesn’t hurt to look.

Sounds like it’s time to light up a good sativa for focus and find those pennies!

Oct 31, 2016