Classic: Magician Tries Selling Weed To Cops

Watch this skilled magician try to sell marijuana to a cop before vanishing his stash, infuriating the officer. We’re still wondering where the weed went.

Jul 29, 2015

Cops are a source of a lot of angst for us, so a magician punking an officer with marijuana is really satisfying.

From cops tricking autistic students into breaking the law, to raiding dispensaries while enjoying their edibles (or baking their own edibles with confiscated weed), it seems like we’re inundated daily with stories of officers failing at their original mission: preserve the peace and instill justice.

That is why we definitely find enjoyment in this clip of a skilled magician leaving an officer dumbfounded and belligerent because of it.

Where’d the weed go? Can he teach us his abilities? So many questions.

Jul 29, 2015