Marionberry Kush: This Berry-Flavored Hybrid Bud Is Almost Psychedelic

Kick back and unwind with a Pacific Northwest favorite. Marionberry Kush can feature up to 23 percent THC and provides an easy, relaxed high.

Mar 15, 2017

Are you searching for a tasty and laid back flower for the end of a long workday? Marionberry Kush is a delightful berry flavored bud with some seriously chill effects. Perfect for laying back and relaxing on a sunny day, this hybrid will delight both your mind and body. Slightly indica dominant, expect an upbeat yet calming body experience from Marionberry Kush.

Strain details

Marionberry Kush This 1 5 Genius Weed Smoking Accessories You Didnt Know You Needed
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Marionberry Kush is a TGA Subcool Seeds creation. This strain is named after the popular Pacific Northwest berry, the Marionberry. Marionberry Kush is a cross between Raspberry Kush and Space Queen, both flavorful and heavy-handed strains in their own rights.

This strain has inherited much of the sweetness and potency of Raspberry Kush. This strain has an earthy, sweet aroma that is quite similar to a raspberry or marionberry leaf tea. On average, this strain can produce between 18 and 23% THC, making this bud considerably potent.

Looks wise, this strain has a very similar appearance to Raspberry Kush. Buds tend to be a lovely sage green color, substantive in size, and feature a wealth of golden, crystal-like trichomes. In high doses, this strain can be almost psychedelic, so novice consumers are recommended to proceed with caution with this bud.

The Marionberry Kush experience

Marionberry Kush This 2 5 Genius Weed Smoking Accessories You Didnt Know You Needed
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Not only is Marionberry Kush a treat for your tastebuds and sinuses, but this strong-handed herb provides a lovely hybrid high.

Perhaps leaning a bit toward the indica side, this plant is quite short and produces a very mellow body-centered high. However, if you consume in moderation, the Marionberry Kush experience is not overly sedative.

Rather, this bud produces a relaxing high that allows you to just sit back and unwind. Excellent before some happy hour snacks, this strain is uplifting enough to give you a jolly mental boost while enjoying some downtime with friends.

Euphoric, happy, and easygoing, this strain is perfect to break out in the spring and summertime, when you’re ready for some laidback days in the sun.

While this strain is upbeat, if you consume a little too much, you may find yourself yawning and ready for a nice nap. Depending on your energy level to start and how much you take in, this strain may cause some couchlock.

While experienced indica consumers may find that this strain is great for the afternoon or daytime, many often save Marionberry Kush for the evening or nighttime, for extra help getting to sleep.

Why do people use Marionberry Kush?

Marionberry Kush This 3 5 Genius Weed Smoking Accessories You Didnt Know You Needed
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Marionberry Kush is perfect for a happy, slow, and lazy weekend. This strain is unlikely to make you want to get out and run a marathon, but it does provide a nice and easy way to enjoy the day.

Taking a gentle hike or leisurely bike ride or simply kicking back with a friend on a sunny day are great recreational activities to pair with a little Marionberry Kush.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick this strain up for relief from physical ailments, like chronic pain, headaches, and insomnia. This strain is also known to inspire a bad case of the munchies, which makes it perfect for anyone who struggles to maintain a healthy appetite.

Mar 15, 2017