Master Kush: This Iconic Indica Will Leave You In Euphoric Bliss

Featuring a happy, euphoric, and heavily sedative experience, Master Kush is an iconic indica that will leave you with a blissful attitude.

Jul 10, 2017

Having a bad day? Master Kush might be able to help. This strain is a potent indica with heavy-bodied effects. Winner of multiple High Times Cannabis Cup Awards, this is a well-known name among cannabis enthusiasts. Featuring a happy, euphoric, and heavily sedative experience, Master Kush is an iconic indica with a blissful attitude.

Strain details

Master Kush was born and bred in Amsterdam. An offspring of Hindu Kush, Master Kush has landrace lineage and grows into a stocky plant with narcotic-like effects. Landrace strains are cultivars that have adapted to a particular environment over time via natural selection. The Kush lineage of this bud comes from the Hindu Kush mountain region which spans between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kush strains are naturally high in THC and this one is no exception. This flower can produce as much as 25 percent of the psychoactive, which makes it an extremely potent herb. At these levels, even the most experienced consumers may find themselves sinking into the couch. Novices may find themselves a little dizzy and ready for a nap after a high dose.

Fruit-scented cannabis is all the rage these days. For those hoping for a more robust aroma, this strain is for you. The scent and taste of this flower is often described as hashy and pungent. The strain features a deep, earthy base and a sharp kick of spice. If you’re concerned about smell, Master Kush can be difficult to conceal.

The Master Kush experience

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If you need something that lasts, Master Kush is an excellent choice. This strain has a reputation for producing a potent body high that continues for about a couple of hours. This strain’s intoxicating scent provides the first glimpse into the deeply relaxing experience. This flower is sleepy and euphoric, easily sending consumers off into a spacey dream land.

The heavily sedative effects of this strain make it an evening or nighttime bud. Experienced consumers can get by with saving Master Kush for a lazy weekend, but you’ll likely want to clear your schedule to fully enjoy the effects of this flower. Having some food at the ready is helpful since it’s not uncommon to crave snacks midway through the experience.

While the effects of this strain are heavy, it has a happy cerebral quality as well. This indica would be perfect for those who like having some cannabis on hand while watching a movie and winding down. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling asleep partway through.

Why do people use Master Kush?

 Medical cannabis patients have many reasons to love Master Kush. This strain is a top choice among those battling chronic pain and insomnia. This strain can inspire a pleasant feeling of physical heaviness, relaxing the muscles and easing stress. Perfect for a hot shower or long bath, Master Kush provides an easy way to slip out of the grumps and into a pleasant mood.

Those hoping to get a little more recreational with Master Kush had better save this strain for an obligation-free day. Serious indica fans may enjoy microdosing this strain, especially on a hot and slow summer day. Many consumers also pick up Master Kush for relief from an occasional headache.

Jul 10, 2017