Hawaii’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Is Open For Business

It’s taken almost 20 years, but Hawaii has its first medical cannabis dispensary, Maui Grown Therapies, which is now open for business.

Aug 10, 2017

After getting the OK from the Hawaii Department of Health, the first sale of medical cannabis has finally taken place in the 50th state, with Kahului’s Maui Grown Therapies having the honor of doing so.

Maui Grown Therapies

This comes almost twenty years since Hawaii first legalized medical weed, being one of the first to do so, way back in 2000. But, unfortunately for those that need it, dispensaries weren’t legalized until 2015. Yes, 15 years after medical weed was first legalized.

It was actually longer, though, as it wasn’t until April 2016 that the first medical cannabis license was granted. Then, fast-forward to February 2017, when the dispensary – Maui Grown Therapies – received notice from the state that they could move forward with cultivation.

It wasn’t until this past Monday that the dispensary passed its final retail inspection, though, which meant it could be opened for business on the following day. That saw Maui Grown Therapies having a soft opening, which meant only patients that had gone through a pre-opening intake could purchase from Maui Grown Therapies – by appointment, no less.

From August 14, Maul Grown will be open during regular hours, which will include sales to walk-in traffic, too. Those sales will only be of flower, too, since the dispensary is not allowed to sell other products at this time. But, once the Health Department certifies the lab, Maui Grown Therapies will be able to offer concentrates, tinctures, oils, and lotions.

Aug 10, 2017