This decarboxylating box will make your edibles a whole lot more potent

If you’re looking for maximum potency, look no further.

Feb 23, 2018
Magical Butter

Photo courtesy of Magical Butter

When it comes to baking a batch of delicious weed brownies or other infused delicacies, the importance of decarboxylation cannot be understated. While the process can be mastered by anyone, releasing the desired amount of potency of your homemade treats requires precision.

Otherwise, you wind up with edibles that aren’t nearly as magical as you hoped they’d be.Decarboxylation sounds super complicated. But in reality, cannabis consumers take part in the process every day without even realizing it. Believe it or not, each time you spark a bowl or hit a vape, you are decarboxylating your herbs with the help of heat. It’s the heat that unleashes the maximum potency of your flower. In other words; it’s the heat that gets you lit.

MagicalButter is all about enhancing the lives of foodies. First, they brought you the MB Machine, a device that creates flawless batches of cannabutter at the press of a button. Just when you thought herbal infusions at home couldn’t get any easier, MagicalButter are launching the MB DecarBox Thermometer Combo Pack to take away the labor and guesswork from the intimidating process of decarboxylation.

Magical Butter This decarboxylating box will make your edibles a whole lot more potent
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Decarboxylation explained

Before adding flame to your beloved buds, your cannabis is considered to be raw and comes loaded with THCA. This cannabis compound that is not at all psychoactive, but once the burning commences, THCA transforms into THC, a compound that produces psychoactive effects. You know, the same ones that fill you up with energy in the morning and also mellow you out after a long day.

As you can imagine, decarboxylation is essential when you’re baking cannabis-infused goodies. After all, a pot brownie wouldn’t just be a brownie if it didn’t get you buzzed. Decarboxylating your herbs is the only way to reap that reward.

To successfully decarboxylate cannabis, not only must your oven be set to an exact temperature according to the cannabis compound you’re working with, but your goodies have to bake for a specific amount of time. THC, for instance, requires a temperature setting of 250°F/121°C and 30-35 minutes of baking. CBD, on the other hand, calls for a 280°F/140°C temp setting and 60-90 minutes of cooking.

Using the old-fashioned method of decarboxylation, you are constantly opening your oven to check on your cannabis. This lets in air and affects the temperature, throwing off your bake. This is because most ovens run on approximation rather than precision, meaning you can’t always rely on your oven’s setting. Instead, you have to rely on a thermometer.

DSC02791 Edit Edit This decarboxylating box will make your edibles a whole lot more potent
Photo courtesy of Magical Butter


The MB DecarBox is revolutionizing the art of baking the perfect edibles

The MB DecarBox eliminates all the hassle that goes into the traditional method of decarboxylation. In addition to being oven-safe to 500°F, this 100% premium-grade silicone baking shell activates your herbs to your desired potency and seals in its tantalizing aromas and flavors. That means high-quality edibles with little to no effort needed from aspiring ganja chefs.

Each DecarBox, along with the baking shell itself and a detailed set of instructions, includes a high-quality, stainless-steel temperature probe and cable to measure the exact temperature of your precious herbs inside the box. The large, easy to read digital unit rests on the outside of the oven, while the probe passes through the prefixed port in the DecarBox’s lid. That means no more opening the oven repeatedly to check your goodies, making the whole process a lot safer. Once your herbs are baked precisely how you like them, the programmable thermometer will alert you to let you know that they’ve reached the right temperature.

Thanks to the MB DecarBox, Decarboxylation isn’t as tricky as it seems. Soon you’ll be creating perfect herbal infusions, all for an unbeatable price of $34.95.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or it’s your first time baking with weed, the MB DecarBox will ensure that you nail the recipe the first time. Even if your infusions are already on point the MB DecarBox makes baking even safer and easier than ever before.

Feb 23, 2018