New McDonald’s ‘Walk-Thru’ For When You’re Too Wasted To Drive

Too tipsy to drive for a late night treat? This walk-thru in the UK has your munchies covered.

Imagine a late night out with friends. You enjoy your herb responsibly, but the weed is strong. Suddenly, the hunger cravings strike with abandon, but what are you to do? Some salty fries and nuggets would hit the spot. Unfortunately, the McDonald’s lobby closed hours ago, and the only option is drive-thru. For many a herb lover or weekend drinker, this dilemma is a rough one, but no more. McDonald’s now offers late night walk-thru.

A Walk-Thru is a profitable decision

McDonald’s Is Trying A ‘Walk Thru’ 1 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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One McDonald’s location in the Wales decided to try out this very idea after a popular night club opened close by. Rather that have patrons risk drunk driving for delicious food, they offered pedestrians walk-thru service. Needless to say, the idea was a huge success. From 2:30 am until 4:00 am, you can stroll up and order from the comfort of your kicks.

The location has yet to secure its 24-hour licence. A McDonald’s spokeswoman said,

The ‘walk-thru’ was a local initiative by the business manager of the restaurant to invite local residents to come and enjoy a meal at the restaurant after their night out at the newly reopened nightclub Broadway.

Truth be told, pedestrians have tried to score late-night munchies this way for years, but drive-thru windows denied the service without a vehicle. A clear cut trend of bias vehicle-ism.

Starting a fast-footed food revolution

McDonald’s Is Trying A ‘Walk Thru’ 2 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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Now, the fast food restaurant plans to continue the revenue-boosting idea every weekend. What does this mean for restaurants around the world? The possibilities are amazing.

Already, certain cities in the States have walk-thru windows for businesses. The golden arches pictured above thrives in New York, the city that never sleeps. With traffic as heavy as the Big Apple, a walk-up window makes perfect sense. A location in New Jersey doesn’t even have dining tables or chairs, just drive or walk-thru service.

Potential pedestrian problems

McDonald’s Is Trying A ‘Walk Thru’ 3 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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Some obvious issues remain to those with a bit of foresight. Would walking under the influence to grab a bite leave you open to public intoxication? Would police use the probable reason for foot traffic at late hours to profile pedestrians? And how would this work in winter months?

The idea could stretch even further. In Oregon, the first dispensary planning to offer drive-thru service shut down amid zoning regulations. But in areas where drive-thru liquor stores abound, couldn’t drive-thru, and possibly walk-thru dispensaries be the next evolution?

Maybe it’s just fanciful dreaming, but you never know. Walk-thru MrFlurries still sound good to me.

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