7 Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking


It’s time to put down the joint and show some kindness to your lungs. Here are 7 great reasons why vaporization is the best way to consume cannabis.

Anna Wilcox
May 3, 2017

New technology has made consuming cannabis safer than ever. With a wealth of excellent vaporizers on the market, there’s no need to smoke the herb at all. Vaporization is a far healthier way to quickly get cannabinoids into your system, and new shops like Medical Marijuana, Inc. make finding the best device for you easier than ever. Here are seven reasons why you should put down your pipe and pick up a vape. After all, vaping is way better than smoking.

1. No tar

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When you burn plant material, you create an ashy, sticky tar. If you use a smoking device with some sort of cotton filter, you might notice that it very quickly turns black.

Most cannabis consumers do not use a filter at all when smoking, meaning that this black residue ends up inside your lungs. This can cause irritation and might contribute to lung infection.

Vaporizers heat cannabis material at low temperatures, just enough for the resin glands of the plant melt and create a steam. Vaporizers do not combust the plant material, meaning that this tar stays out of your lungs.

2. Reduced aging

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No joke, switching to a vaporizer can help you look better. Skin ages for two different reasons. First, skin ages naturally over time as your body gets older. Second, skin aging is accelerated by environmental factors.

Exposure to smoke contributes to aging. Smoke is filled with damaging free radicals that can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vaporization does not burn plant material, meaning that your skin is exposed to less environmental toxins. Want to keep your skin looking young and healthy? Reduce your exposure to smoke.

3. Reduced lung damage

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Studies have shown that habitual cannabis smoking can cause both visible and microscopic damage to large airways in the lungs. This damage can cause chronic symptoms of bronchitis.

Fortunately, this damage heals after you stop smoking. If you have been a smoker, switching to a vaporizer is a great way to avoid inhaling burning plant matter and hot embers into your lungs, reducing lung damage.

4. Better breath

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Smoking a joint, blunt, or pipe can leave a gross taste and sensation in your mouth. This is perhaps not only because of the cannabis but also because of burning paper or tobacco leaves.

With vaporization, you are inhaling a fairly pure cannabis steam. This not only means that your cannabis experience tastes better overall, but it is less irritating to the gums and leaves you with a fresher feeling overall.

5. Less irritation

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No one like coughing fits or excess mucus. Most vaporizers allow you to adjust temperature settings so that you can get a cannabis experience that is as comfortable as possible. Since smoking causes symptoms of bronchitis, it’s not uncommon to be coughing up phlegm or have a sore throat afterward.

While high-temperature vaporizers can be hot to inhale, you can customize your device to make sure that your inhalation is healing and relaxing rather than irritating.

6. Safe indoors

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Smoking cannabis indoors can really stink up your home. Fabrics like curtains and carpets soak up smoke odors and give your home a gross, musty, stale smell.

Vaporizers are a great way to avoid this problem. Especially when heated to a low temperature, vaporizers do not create much of a smell at all. Sometimes, you may not even notice a visible vapor. This means that they are safer to use indoors and more discrete.

7. Discrete

7 Reasons Vaping 7 7 Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking
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Speaking of discrete, portable vaporizers are a great way to consume cannabis without bringing much attention to yourself. The herb is famous for its distinct, potent aroma. Vaporizers allow you to take a quick puff and put the machine back into your pocket. This makes consuming cannabis less obvious and helps protect your privacy.

With all the new technology out there, finding the perfect vaporizer can be a chore. Fortunately, Medical Marijuana, Inc. has made the process easy for you. You can now shop for great deals on the latest vapor technology right on their site.

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Anna Wilcox
May 3, 2017