More Things To Do With Your Vaped Buds

This video shows thrifty ganja enthusiasts ways of recycling vaped buds; teaching users how to create a second high off already-vaped herbs!

Feb 26, 2016

It can be hard to decide what to do with already-vaped buds. Luckily, there are many uses for the leftovers, leaving nothing to waste. Thrifty users can appreciate the idea of recycling vaped buds; creating a second high off the same ganja.

Courtney Stones shows us her favorite ways to reuse vaped buds in this short video below, offering a few basic ideas anyone can do.

Just smoke it

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Smoking the vaped bud is one way to reuse it. While there is less THC present in the marijuana, there is still some. Stones points out, you might have to smoke a few extra bowls, but there’s no reason to let that green go to waste.

After ingesting through a vaporizer, simply empty the vaped buds into a glass jar for storage and begin using those in bongs, pipes or steamrollers. You can go through and pick out the greener buds from the remains, choosing the best of the vaped buds to smoke, but it’s really not necessary.

Create cannabutter for edibles

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Making cannabutter for edibles is another extremely useful way to use vaped buds. There are many different ways to create cannabutter, but the process is always fairly simple. Also, edibles give users a chance to experience a different, more intense type of high that they might not be used to, but are sure to enjoy.

Once the cannabutter is made, the possibilities are endless. Brownies, pasta, cake or even mashed weed-tatoes, as Stones says that’s a favorite of her friends’, can be made using it. Cannabutter can replace regular butter in basically any recipe you’re looking to heighten.

Whatever you do, do not just throw out your already-vaped buds. There are many, many ways to recycle them, ensuring a second high off the same herbs.

How do you recycle your already-vaped buds? Let us know social media or in the comments below.

Feb 26, 2016