High-End Canniseur: Mr. Grey Takes His Incredible Glass Show To Miami

During Miami’s well known Art Week festivities, New York’s famous Mr. Grey of Grey Space Art hosted a unique exhibit based around functional cannabis art.

Dec 13, 2016

Art gallery owner and cannabis connoisseur, Mr. Grey branched out from his usual New York City hotspot and headed to Miami, where he showcased an entirely new display of extraordinary bongs, pipes, and other high-end cannabis accessories. The pieces in this gallery go far beyond anything most consumers have ever seen. Their prices range well above $100,000 and many will never even be used for smoking. No, the intention of these pieces is not for them to be used, but to be appreciated as the beautiful artwork that they truly are.

Mr. Grey and functional art

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As part of Miami’s well known Art Week festivities, New York’s famous Grey Space Art hosted a unique exhibit based around functional cannabis art.

While this art is something to be admired, it also serves a purpose and, truly, could be used for smoking.

However, when collectors are spending anywhere from $5,000 to $300,000 on a one-of-a-kind piece of glassware, it’s doubtable the bong will ever see a speck of cannabis.

Founded by 21-year-old Mr. Grey, Grey Space Art brings to light the true beauty and attention to detail many glassblowers incorporated into their work.

These are not your average spoon bowl or straight bong, they’re much, much more than that. Many of these pieces take weeks of constant work to perfect and can never be duplicated.

By taking the artwork from New York City to Miami, Mr. Grey was able to open the eyes of many new cannabis users in a state that recently passed their medical cannabis laws.

Housed at Aqua Art Miami, Grey Space Art was able to showcase an elevated side of cannabis, which, in turn, helps to eliminate the stereotypes many still associate with cannabis use.

As a collector, Mr. Grey understands the importance of having these magnificent works of art be seen.

Miami is always abuzz with the art community and it is the perfect time for us to travel down south and showcase these incredible sculptures. My goal is to continue to present this work to the art world and bring pipe art into the contemporary zeitgeist. It is an important community of artists and the work deserves to be seen at the highest level.

I believe that the work I show really does change people’s perception of the capabilities of those in the cannabis industry. It is no longer propagandized as ‘hippie’ and because of that, people are starting to see it as exactly how your website is named, a ‘herb’, and a hugely beneficial one at that.

The exhibition

Mr.Grey Takes His 2 Cannabis Cultures Montreal Dispensaries Raided 24 Hours After Opening
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The Miami exhibition showcased a number of new items many of Mr. Grey’s followers had not yet seen.

The signature piece of the show is titled, Sedna, a collaboration between artists Banjo and Joe Peters out of Humboldt County, California and Evergreen, Colorado, which was priced at $300,000.

Another of the most anticipated pieces was made by artist Arik Krunk, which took two full years to construct, is completely UV reactant and priced at $100,000.

When asked to choose a favorite piece from the collection, Mr. Grey hesitates and likens the decision to asking a parent which child is their favorite. Although, he does point out that Sedna was a crowd favorite at the show.

There is so much incredible diversity between these artists and if my house caught on fire and I had to run out with one… well, you might just find my ashes in the collection room.

A favorite of most visitors has to be Sedna, just the sheer complexity and scale really shocks people. It opens their mind to the idea that this is truly a limitless medium.

As for the future of Grey Space Art, Mr. Grey plans to continue hosting events at his home gallery in New York City, with a few special appearances planned for the New Year.

For him, the joy of opening the minds of so many people who had previously discredited this type of art is unmatched.

I often find fans of mine bringing their extended families to see if I can convince them of the artistic nature of the work, and of the positives of cannabis. People have counted on me to change their families’ perspective on how to view cannabis and I take a lot of pride in doing so.

Outside of existing fans bringing family members, every show I am always blown away by the support of the artwork and by people’s positive views towards the evolving cannabis scene.

Dec 13, 2016