Ditch The Plastic Baggie: Stash Your Bud In A Dope Jar

These new stash jars from Mypharmjar will lengthen the life of your buds by protecting them from harmful, deteriorating rays.

Dec 9, 2016

When it comes to cannabis storage, it’s important to have a trustworthy package that won’t allow degrading frequencies of light, extra humidity or light particles in. These infiltrators can cause cannabis to dry out, or worse, grow mold, which can make smokers sick and ruin an entire stash. The best way to store cannabis is inside specially designed Biophotonic UV glass jars, but not just any kind of glass will do. Dark, violet glass works the best at protecting flowers and increasing longevity. Mypharmjar has perfected the science and offers a unique and discrete storage method that works great for consumers and retailers alike.

It’s all in the glass

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With so many technological advances hitting the cannabis world, it seems almost prehistoric to store cannabis inside of a plastic sandwich baggies, which many still do.

Thanks to years of research and borrowing from ancient Egyptian technology, scientists have found the best materials available for keeping cannabis fresh and potent.

Biophotonic Glass, or violet glass, appears almost black. It filters out harmful UV lights, unlike traditional clear glass, and protects flowers from decomposition due to excess to humidity or moisture by allowing only three frequencies of enhancing light to penetrate the jar.

This specially formulated glass not only does an amazing job at lengthening the flowers’ life, it works as a secure method of curing.

Since the glass is dark, it also adds to the discreteness many users want when it comes to housing their stash. Only beneficial light  can penetrate the surface, making it nearly impossible for the naked eye to distinguish what the contents truly are.

These dope jars will keep your buds fresh

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While it can be a confusing science, one company has mastered the craft of Biophotonic glass and made it affordable for the everyday consumer.

Mypharmjar offers a wide variety of options when it comes to customizing a storage container. For businesses, their logo and brand can be etched or lasered into the glass, making it a memorable experience for consumers, which will, in turn, keep them coming back for more.

Consumers not only enjoy the extra perk of purchasing from that business, but they’ll appreciate the control they now have over their stash. 

Select jars are fitted with a humidity sensor inside the jar. For long-term storage, there’s no need to worry about extra moisture deteriorating the precious flowers or causing bacterial growth or exposure to damaging spectrums of light.

Mypharmjar: Next-level bud storage

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This industry-first humidity “glass humidor” is changing the way consumers store their cannabis and elevating both Mypharmjar and Dope jars to a whole new level.

Mypharmjar has just released IP-based monitoring for checking your curing jar conditions anywhere you have an internet connection.

This Christmas, consider the serious cannabis lover in your life. Not only will they appreciate the amazing new stash jar, they’ll love the thought that went into protecting their flowers, which will help them to save money all year round.

Check out the Mypharmjar/Dopejars website on how to purchase yours.

Dec 9, 2016