Want To Win A PAX 3 From Namaste Vapes?


How would you like to win one of the finest vaporizers on the market? Namaste Vapes are giving you the chance to win a PAX 3.

Dee Giznik
Dec 22, 2016
Namaste Vapes

How would you like to win one of the finest vaporizers on the market? Cannabis lovers can do just that by entering the new contest hosted by Namaste Vapes for their chance to win a PAX 3. It’s super easy to enter and only takes a minute, but the lucky winner will reap some pretty great benefits. Not only is the PAX 3 extremely durable and versatile, it has been coveted by cannabis connoisseurs for delivering a superior high, unlike any other vape on the market. Don’t miss your chance to bring one home for free.

How to enter with Namaste Vapes

nam1 Want To Win A PAX 3 From Namaste Vapes?
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Namaste Vapes couldn’t have made this contest any easier if they tried. Simply visit and like Namaste Vapes Facebook page.

Once you’ve arrived at their page, you’ll notice a link on the left side titled, “PAX 3 Vaporizer Giveaway!

Click the link and enter your email address as directed. For even easier entering, click here!

Once you enter, you’ll receive up-to-date information about the latest Namaste Vape products and news.

When a winner is selected they’ll be notified via email and directed how to claim their prize.

The prize

pax3 Want To Win A PAX 3 From Namaste Vapes?
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The PAX 3 vaporizer has been flying off shelves and into the hands of dedicated cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. The dual-use vape works great with concentrates and flowers and delivers powerful hits with every drag.

With an initial heat up time of just 15 seconds and instant heat up for every hit after that, there’s no wasting time waiting for the device to reach an optimal smoking temperature.

Constructed with high-polished anodized aluminum and available in black, silver, gold and limited edition, rose gold, the PAX 3 is twice as strong as its predecessor, the PAX 2, and has a variety of improvements.

Now, discrete users don’t have to stare at a light waiting for the vape to be ready for use, the PAX 3 will vibrate to let users know it’s time to vape.

Temperature customization, updates and vibration settings are all controlled by an app that connects through Bluetooth from your smartphone right to the PAX 3.

With optimal control, users will have the best smoking experience of their lives.

Plus, every PAX 3 vaporizer comes with a 10-year warranty, so users won’t have to worry about buying another vape for a very long time.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win. Enter today!

Dee Giznik
Dec 22, 2016