I Spoke to an NCAA Athlete to Find Out How to Beat a Drug Test In 30 Minutes

Sixty percent of college athletes smoke weed, but only a fraction are ever caught. This is how you beat drug tests in just 30 minutes.

Oct 3, 2017
How To Beat A Drug Test

Photo by Jamie Squire/ GETTY

Smoking weed has been a staple of the college experience since it entered the national consciousness, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. A NCAA, report found that 22% of student-athletes admit to using marijuana in the last year. An independent ESPN study found that number could be as high as 60 percent. I recently spoke to an international level athlete in the NCAA who uses marijuana regularly, to get some advice on how athletes beat drug tests. We’ve changed the name of this athlete to Tom to protect his identity.

Rule #1: Know your level of prohibition. 

The level of testing you’ll be subject to will vary based on your sport, athletic level, and whether you’re currently in or out of competition. If you’re a high enough level athlete, you’ll likely be admitted to a world-testing pool where you’ll be subject to random testing. “You have to fill out a ‘whereabouts,'” according to Tom, “to tell them where you’re going to be at some point during every day” so that they can find you and subject you to testing.

The good news, according to Tom, is that while marijuana is prohibited during competition season, the rules aren’t so strict when you’re out of competition. “If they just show up at your house or whatever to test you, you’re actually allowed to fail for marijuana. But that was only instituted more recently.”

If you have any doubts, however, Tom recommends the website globaldro.com, which allows you to search the various levels of prohibition associated with each sport and level of competition.

Rule #2: What to know if you’re an athlete in college or university. 

Unfortunately, athletes who get tested by their schools are typically on a much stricter level of marijuana prohibition (as well as other street-level drugs). The reason for this, according to Tom, is that “basically, they’re giving athlete’s scholarships, so they don’t want to see them getting fucked up” up all the time.

Interestingly, college-level testing is less about targeting performance enhancers than it is about prohibiting the use of drugs like marijuana. Therefore, the threshold is much more strict. College-level athletes also need to be prepared for testing done by the NCAA, the governing body of all collegiate sports, which randomly tests athletes every year.

Still, Tom tells me, “Drug tests are beatable. I’ve done it, and I know other people who have done it.”

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Rule #3 Your methods will vary depending on how much time you have before a drug test. 

If you have a week or two to prepare for a drug test, the method largely revolves around proper exercise, hydration and eating habits. “If you find out a week or two before, you obviously stop smoking and start working out as much as possible. You eat clean, and cut back on your fat consumption, and sugar consumption.” Says Tom. Some people also take supplements like Niacin to speed up their metabolism.

Then, the day of your test, your goal should be to dilute your urine. This method is also effective if you’ve been given short notice for your drug test, so I’ll get into the details below.

How to beat a drug test on short notice: 

Tom tells me that he’s used this method and successfully “passed a drug test on 30 minutes notice, after having smoked the night before.”

The concept is simple: if you dilute your urine with enough water, your urine will be untestable. “You’ll be at a moderate level of hydration up until a few hours before the test, at which point you start pounding water as much as you possibly can—literally as much as you can drink until you can’t keep anymore down. Then, you hold it in as long as you possibly can, so that all that water goes right through your system, and what they end up testing is just water.”

This method is incredibly simple, but effective. Tom tells me that he was mid-bench press when his coach informed him he would need to take a drug test in 30 minutes. Despite the short notice, using this method, Tom successfully passed the test.

“Of course, there are fuck-ups. I’ve gotten people to do this before and explained the whole method, and they’ve failed.” Says Tom. So if you’re using this method, make sure you’re consuming as much water as you possibly can. It’s also important to note that drinking excessive amounts of water in the days leading up to your test won’t do anything—the important thing is that you dilute your urine immediately before taking a test. 

Bottoms up, and good luck.

Oct 3, 2017