You Need These 5 Essentials If You Dab

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With the kinds of soaring highs the dab can give, the proper tools will make it easier to consume without having it go to waste or leaving a gooey mess all around your house.

Brandon Lee
Mar 21, 2016

Dabbing is the newest most condensed cannabis form and can produce a long lasting high beyond that of your general smokable varieties. This sticky concentrate is pure and a most exceptional way to get high, yet every good dabber needs the proper tools to get the most out of their product. Here we take a look at 5 dabbing essentials you will need to get the most of your gooey concentrate goods.

1. The Silicon mat

mat You Need These 5 Essentials If You Dab
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The silicon dab mat is a nonstick surface good for protecting your glass and keeping your shatter, wax, and other concentrates from being forever stuck to the kitchen table. These mats will keep your tools from sliding around and also hold the glass firmly in place much better than that of a slick table top or other surfaces. 

They come in a variety of colors, can be found in newer head shops and sometimes are sold with your choice dab rig. They feature cool unique images and product brand names, but imagine a pearl white mat. How easy this would make finding your dabs and setting up your gear kit, while keeping your gear safer than other places, even if you are already high.

2. Dab Tool

holder 1 You Need These 5 Essentials If You Dab
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The dab tool is essential to ones kit bag. The dab tool is a longer fine point nib coming in all shapes and sizes that holds your dab. This tool is used to keep you from being burned when touching the concentrate to your hot melting surface and is a must have for any dab bong/rig. The safest of these tools come in titanium, ceramic, and glass. It is important to choose a safe dabbing tool as heating certain metals, or woods, will burn off harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be smoked. Complement your rigs and other products by mixing and matching your favorite dab tools.

3. The Nail

nail You Need These 5 Essentials If You Dab
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The nail is the essential heated source for your dabs. Without it a regular dab rig can’t function properly. This little cap is heated by torch until red hot where you then place your dab tool into its center to melt the concentrate into the rig and take the hit to the head.

These nails come in titanium, which is long lasting and a good safe metal for heating.

There are ceramic nails which are a true flavor saver when you want the best taste, however, these nails can weaken with excessive heat and crack or break overtime.

The quartz nail is also a flavor saver but is very fragile as well, so these nails have to be used with good care to preserve their life. Unless you are running an electronic nail rig this is a must for any torch based rigs.

4. Dab Rig & Torch

rigtourch You Need These 5 Essentials If You Dab
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Coming in all shapes and sizes, the dab rig is the essential piece in holding your salivatingly sweet smoke before you take it to the dome. Rigs range from between $20, this being the cheapest, into more elaborate $10,000 and higher pieces of glass and ceramic works of art. With so many, you can have that perfect custom piece for your collection.

5. High-end concentrates

concs You Need These 5 Essentials If You Dab
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The dab itself is growing in popularity, and while not readily available everywhere, it is becoming a notable trend among the greater aware stoner culturalist, and of course, it is important to know what you are getting when choosing your products. A good high-quality concentrate will have a great flavor and be purged of nasty tasting and harmful solvents, most nameably butane. A good oil will be pure, tasty, high in THC and other great beneficial cannabinoids.

What other tools do you recommend as top essentials for the dab savvy?? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Brandon Lee
Mar 21, 2016