5 Newest Strains On The Market That You Need To Try


Looking for a hot new strain to try? These five cultivars have been introduced within the last two years and are now on dispensary shelves.

Jul 29, 2017

Looking for a hot new strain to try? These five cultivars have been introduced within the last two years. Most new cultivars are introduced to small local regions and it takes some time for them to pick up steam. After winning cannabis cups and receiving excellent reviews, these flowers have made quite the impression since first launched. Without further ado, here are the newest strains on the market that you need to try.

1. GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies is a strain with some impressive lineage. A cross between the ultra-popular Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies, this flower features a strong fuel-like aroma and a hefty coating of trichome crystals. Considered 90 percent indica dominant, this flower packs a seriously psychoactive punch. GMO Cookies offers consumers both a soaring cerebral high and deep body relaxing effects.

2. Blue Petrol

Blue Petrol is a Sin City Seeds creation. Debuting in 2015, this strain has received numerous accolades thanks to its large dense flowers and its fast acting effects. A cross between Petrol OG and Blue Power, Blue Petrol is considered indica dominant and grows into a short, bushy plant. This strain has a deep and delicious sour aroma that nicely complements a sleepy high with potent body effects. Those who love strains with some serious “dankness” will love the robust scent and taste of this deep green flower.

3. Sunshine #4

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Sunshine #4 is a strain that’s worth getting your hands on. Bred by Bodhi Seeds, this flower is another Chemdawg cross. The specific parents of this bud are Chemdawg #4 and Sunshine Daydream. While Sunshine #4 first debuted in 2015, this strain has continued to take Best Hybrid in 2015, 2016, and 2017 cannabis cups.

With such a strong track record, there’s no doubt that this flower has been getting some serious attention. Sunshine #4 is a sociable hybrid that produces happy, euphoric, and uplifting effects. The THC content in this bud is very high, sometimes featuring up to 26 percent of the psychoactive.

4. Zkittlez


Another strain that is about two years old, Zkittles is taking the cannabis world by storm. This award-winning indica is one of the best new strains on dispensary shelves. This flower’s most striking feature? It’s scent! This strain smells like a handful of rainbow skittles. This mouth-watering aroma pairs well with the relaxed, jolly, and delightfully euphoric effects of this sleepy bud.

A cross between two powerhouse strains, Grape God and Grapefruit, Zkittles has earned a place among the most impressive new hybrids. Some Zkittles samples have tested with up to 23 percent THC, which is quite potent. The potency of this bud is thought to be enhanced by the fruity and fragrant terpenes that this strain produces.

5. Thunderbird Rose

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Thunderbird Rose is one of the newest strains on this list. Like Zkittles, the most notable thing about this sativa is its scent. As the name suggests, Thunderbird Rose smells remarkably like a bouquet of roses. This sweet scented bud has a dreamy and romantic fragrance, perfect for impressing someone on a first date.

Along with this floral aroma comes a creative and focused high that’s perfect for the day. While this flower may smell innocent, Thunderbird Rose is extremely psychoactive. Bred by Oregon’s Rebble Spirit, Thunderbird Rose can feature up to 27 percent THC.

Jul 29, 2017