Nintendo Announces "Pokemon Let's Go!" Will Be Coming To The Switch

Pokemon Is Finally Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Fall

It will be compatible with ‘Pokemon Go’ so players can switch between their consoles and phones.

Jun 3, 2018 - Zack Kotzer

Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo Announces "Pokemon Let's Go!" Will Be Coming To The Switch

Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Ahead of E3, the influential Los Angeles video game expo, Nintendo announced that Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The biggest part of this announcement is that Pokemon Let’s Go! will have crossover functionality with Pokemon Go, the bewilderingly popular smartphone game that terraformed the summer of 2016. Players will be able to transfer their Pokemon from the Switch to their phone to train them between the two games.

Nintendo home consoles have had Pokemon games, but typically spin-offs like Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo 64 and Pokken, the Tekken-inspired fighting game from 2015. Taking Pokemon on the move has always been an integral part of the series, but the Switch is the first in Nintendo’s home console line that can play by those rules. Its ability to transform between home and handheld devices is what’s made the Switch so popular.

Pokemon Let’s Go!  seems to be a remake of Pokemon Yellow, originally released in 1998, where trainers could travel across the Kanto region with Pikachu tagging along with the player, similar to the cartoon. The Let’s Go! games will offer a Pikachu and an Eevee version.

Pokemon Let’s Go! will also feature co-op multiplayer, a series first, and a Pokeball peripheral that will function similar to the Pokemon pedometer Nintendo released in 2010. Since the Switch’s release, fans have also been hoping to see favorites like Smash Bros., but the addition of Pokemon on the Switch fulfills a dream trainers have had since the 90s.

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