Nintendo mercifully announces new Super Smash Bros. for 2018

The last Super Smash Bros. came out in 2014.

Mar 13, 2018
Nintendo Switch To Release New Super Smash Bros. In 2018

Photo courtesy of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3Ds

The Switch is Nintendo’s biggest hit since the Wii in 2006. It’s already one of the best selling systems of all time. And its once lean game library bulked up quickly too with The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Splatoon and Mario Kart. All good games, sure, but there’s a key omission. The game that makes people lose their mind like no other. Last week, Nintendo decided to end the suffering. Yes, there will be a Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Switch. And it’s coming out this year.

The last Super Smash Bros. came out in 2014. Carried by tournaments, leagues and couched stoners, Smash Bros. games tend to live long lifespans. But the last one was also released on the Nintendo Wii U, an underperforming and unwieldy machine that failed to captivate. The Nintendo Switch, by comparison, was an immediate hit.

Demands for every game to be added to the thing have become something of a meme. Nintendo Switch editions of Wolfenstein, Dark Souls and even Diablo are all en route. It’s the perfect platform for a game like Super Smash Bros., an addictive multiplayer brawler where Mario, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Cloud Strife and 400 Fire Emblem characters beat the shit out of each other.

The new game’s reveal came in the form of a surprisingly intimidating teaser. In it, two Splatoon characters are locked in a dogfight (squid fight?) similar to the original’s debut trailer. Suddenly their match is interrupted by a spell of darkness. The squid kids turn around only to see the Smash Bros. logo burning like a giant effigy. Weird music blares. Mario and Link, faces obscured by the darkness, gaze back. The teaser is about a minute long and the world is losing its shit over it.

Because of how many games are being re-released for the Nintendo Switch, it was hard to tell if this Smash Bros. is new or the 2014 version. Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Smash Bros., is overseeing the Nintendo Switch game. Sakurai infamously brought himself close to the point of ruin to make these things so it’s hard to imagine he’d go for adding new characters and cosmetic changes to the iconic game. Godspeed Mr. Sakurai, to you and to all the death threats you’ll receive demanding you add Shrek and the evil ghost from 7th Guest to Smash Bros.

Mar 13, 2018