Will The New Nintendo “Switch” Revolutionize The Mobile Gaming Market?

After all of the hype around the launch of the new Nintendo Switch, will it be able to compete with games coming from the app store?

Jan 22, 2017

After all of the hype around the launch of the new Nintendo Switch, the critics have written their official reviews of the product. And one of the most important questions asked is, will the Switch be able to replace gaming on your smartphones? The answer to that isn’t black and white, as Nintendo didn’t just make a mobile product, but one for the living room too.

The success of mobile games

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Even in the name, The Switch is designed to transform from a console machine on your TV to a smartphone-sized device for playing on the go. But, in a world where those two markets are extremely popular already, can Nintendo really excel at both?

By 2019, smartphone and tablet games will be a $52 billion industry. That’s almost half of the entire sales within the video game sector coming through the app store on mobile phones!

Games for smartphones and tablets will make up 37% of the $99.58 billion in total software sales world-wide this year, according to a new forecast Thursday by Newzoo BV. That compares with 32% for PC games and 31% for games on consoles such as the PlayStation 4. – Wall Street Journal

Games on smartphones are always at the mercy of the processing power of the mobile phone industry at the time. This can be seen through the advancement of game titles, everyone remembers playing snake and bricks a decade ago right? That’s because the smartphone companies were designing the phones with other objectives in mind.

Now that mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar business, big brands like Samsung and Apple are constantly competing for the fastest processors for solid gaming performance.

So has Nintendo matched the gaming power of the top of the line processors from Apple and Samsung?

Nintendo Switch: A console with a smartphone processor

Considering that the Switch is attempting to merge the console market and mobile gaming market into one device, they definitely went for the less powerful processor option. Even worse, when undocked, the Switch gets a major cut in its already limited performance.

In portable mode, Switch runs at exactly 40 percent of the clock-speed of the fully docked device. – Eurogamer

So to answer the burning question with this product, no the Nintendo Switch is not a device that will revolutionize mobile gaming. The industry is much too competitive already, and to launch a console hybrid that isn’t even as powerful as some smartphones just won’t cut it.

But Nintendo fans can still enjoy the classic games with upgraded graphics that die-hards remember from their childhood.

Jan 22, 2017