Stop What You’re Doing & Watch Bernie Get His Revenge


The Nug Nation has just released their latest episode, “The Debate”, featuring Hillary and Donald battle it out until Bernie gets his revenge.

Everyone’s favorite weed characters are back! The Nug Nation has just released their latest episode, “The Debate”. Watch more characters than ever before come to life and laugh your butt off as Hilary battles Trump.

The Debate

Bong Burgundy analyzes the hilarious spoof debate. In their take on politics, Nug Nation presents the first “Presidential Debate Lip-Sych Battle”. Watch as Donald Trump makes his own lyrics to Kid Rock’s first big hit, “Ba-wit-da-ba”.

But the real action happens as Affy and Diesel watch the debate and begin to argue politics. Things get heated, to say the least, and we see the first appearance of one of the greatest strains of all time, Blue Dream.

If you want to discover his identity, you have to check out the video.

The Nug Nation

This tongue-in-cheek take on one small Colorado town mischievously mocks just about everything. From name brands to national trends, pot to politics, no subject is safe. And with that no-holds-barred approach, it makes the perfect spot for real cannabis companies to plop down some product placement.

Host Bong Burgundy heads the news desk and does his own celebrity interviews. He already interviewed famous celebrity Redman in his series “Potty Talks”. All the big names are there, and by big names, I mean your favorite strains of herb. Green Crack, Girl Scout Cookie, White Widow and more, every new resident of NugVille has an inspiration.

Filmed in Colorado, with real weed, The Nug Nation is America’s favorite weed comedy. Co-creator Dylan Pfohl said that making fun of serious situations helps to give us healthy perspective.

We felt like it was time for people to get a break from constant barrage of negative spin from the presidential candidates. We had a blast coming up with ways to find humor in something that’s really so irritating.

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