President Obama’s Twitter Roast Blows Up The Internet

On Jimmy Kimmel Live’s ‘Mean Tweets’ President Obama reads mean, but funny, tweets about him. There’s even a special message from Donald Trump.

Oct 26, 2016

Just about everyone you can think of is roasted on Twitter sooner or later. Although people tend to get harsh at times, some tweets have us rolling with laughter. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, President Obama reads mean, yet amusing tweets about him. Some are ridiculous, but funny nevertheless. One of those tweets comes straight from current presidential candidate Donald Trump. Be sure to check out Mean Tweets- President Obama Edition 2 in the video below.

The Nickelback of presidents

Without delay, Obama is hit hard when reading the first tweet. The Nickelback of presidents? Ouch.

Although that one is probably the best of them all, Obama continues to read the random, yet funny tweets about him. One tweet, in particular, reads, “I bet Obama likes mustard on his hot dogs because he’s gross.” It’s unclear as to where @duckpunks was going with that one, but it’s so random that you have to laugh.

Obama and his physique are brought up by @DJ_lcpl, who says, “Barack Obama… bro, do you even lift!?” Obama responds with “I lifted the ban on Cuban cigars, that’s worth something.” (Legalizing cannabis would have been more notable, President Obama.)

Finally, the video ends with Donald Trump tweeting about how Obama will be perhaps the worst president in the US. You need to see how Obama responds, instant classic.

Oct 26, 2016