OG #18: The Award-Winning Hybrid With A Powerful, Happy High

OG Kush fans are in for a treat. The OG #18 is an OG Kush variation with a sour diesel-fuel aroma and excellent pain-fighting abilities.

Sep 29, 2017

OG Kush is one of the most famous cannabis buds around. But, there’s a major problem with the popular flower: how do you know the OG you’re smoking is the real one? Without genetic testing, there are few ways to tell whether or not you’ve got yourself a true OG bud. Yet, not all hope is lost. Some OG varieties, like OG #18 are available through select breeders with closely monitored crosses.

Strain details

One of the biggest issues with cannabis strains is that it can be very difficult to tell what you’re actually getting. This is why picking up from a reputable breeder or access point is always advisable. Many breeders offer select varieties of classic strains that have been bred to maintain the integrity of the strain.

The OG #18 from DNA Genetics is one such strain. The flower was released under the Reserva Privada label after 18 generations of breeding select varieties of feminized OG Kush seeds. The feminized OG Kush seeds were released, but the #18 phenotype was stabilized into a strain of its own.

The word phenotype is another way of saying genetic variant.  A phenotype will feature slightly different characteristics than relatives with the same parents.

As an OG Kush phenotype, OG #18 has a very similar genetic makeup to other OG Kush varieties. The difference between OG Phenotypes may seem slight, but they are really quite significant. The OG #18 is said to produce one-third more harvestable buds than its OG relatives. It also produces more of a sour, chemical-like aroma and features a high THC content of 20 percent or more.

The OG #18 experience

OG 18 A 1 These Bible Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s Perfect Medicine
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Recommended for those with some cannabis experience, OG #18 can produce a strong but pleasant high. While this flower is technically a hybrid, its effects tend to lean toward the sedative side. While the OG #18 isn’t one to leave you stuck to the couch, this flower will certainly make it easier to drift into sleep.

An award-winning flower, the OG #18 produces a relaxed and euphoric sensation all around. Due to its drowsy effects, it’s best to save this bud for a quiet afternoon or evening.

Stress-reducing, OG #18 is a great choice for winding down at the end of a long day. Experienced cannabis consumers may also be able to use this strain during the day, so long as doses are kept to low or moderate amounts.

In high doses, the drowsy effects of this flower can be amplified. Some consumers may also experience some dizziness and anxiety with this flower. However, these side effects can be mitigated by sticking to moderate doses.

Why do people use OG #18?

OG 18 A 2 These Bible Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s Perfect Medicine
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Chatty and uplifting, OG #18 is an excellent flower to share with canna-savvy friends and loved ones. While it tends to be drowsy, some find that this strain eases anxiety and cultivates an upbeat and sociable attitude.

Whip out OG #18 for a weekend event. Video games and comedy films may also be particularly enjoyable after a little of this happy flower.

Medical cannabis consumers have many reasons to love OG #18. This strain is particularly beloved for insomnia and pain. It tends to provide a strong sense of physical heaviness and relaxation, making it useful to those seeking relief from muscle stiffness and general aches and malaise.

This strain is also popular with those who suffer from mental ailments like depression, chronic stress, and anxiety. However, high doses of THC may exaggerate some of these ailments, particularly in novice consumers.

Sep 29, 2017