How To Make A Super-Charged Oil Joint

Do you want a joint with an extra kick? If so, then you should roll yourself a nice oil joint. Learn how to roll your own by watching this video.

Jan 27, 2017

Do you want a joint with an extra kick? If so, then you should roll yourself a nice oil joint. Not only does it taste surprisingly amazing, but it also will get you super high. Not to mention, an oil joint will burn evenly and slow, so you’ll get the most out of every hit. All you need is your favorite strain, some high-quality oil, joint papers, and a dabbing tool. That’s it! Be sure to check out the video below to learn how to roll an oil joint.

How to roll an oil joint

Rolling an oil joint is just as easy as rolling a regular joint. However, by adding cannabis oil to your bud, you’re giving your joint a little something extra.

In this video by WEEDSAUCE, he is adding cannabis oil, which contains a whopping 91.7% THC.

To start with, you’ll need to assemble the goods, which include your cannabis, joint papers, hash oil, and a dabbing tool. Once you have those, it’s time to roll.

First, use your dabbing tool to collect your hash oil and spread it evenly across the joint paper. But be sure to leave enough space for your finger, or else you’ll soon have a sticky mess on your hands.

Then, grab your desired amount of cannabis to sprinkle on top of the hash oil. Before proceeding to roll, make sure that everything is nice and even.

Finally, it’s time to tuck and roll. But do so carefully, because the oil makes rolling a bit tricky.

If necessary, use a tool to push the weed on both ends so that it’s more compact. After you’re done, twist both ends, cut them, and light up!

Note: You might want to jump to 4:30 of the video when he starts making the joint.

Jan 27, 2017