10 Strains You Need For The Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, and get ready to hit the bowl hard with these 10 epic Olympic-themed strains.

Aug 6, 2016
olympic games

Are you ready to hit the bowl hard for the Olympic games? You’re going to need the right strains. The strains listed below are perfect for a day on the couch with some snacks and team spirit. Here are 10 top strains in honor of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

1. Michael Phelps OG

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Michael Phelps is a true cannabis champion. Why not pay your respects to this 18-time gold medalist and bong-puffing champ? This Olympic rock star showed the world that no, cannabis does not make you unfit and unmotivated. Rather than fall into the lazy couch-potato stereotype, Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete in the world.

Michael Phelps OG is just the indica-dominant hybrid you want while watching the upcoming trials. Phelps will be swimming again August 8, 10, and 12.

2. 24k Gold

Honour Of The Olympics 2 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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We all need to feel like a champion sometimes. While the majority of us will never know what it feels like to hold an Olympic gold, perhaps this strain is the next best thing. 24k Gold is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, making it perfect for camping out on your sofa during your favorite games. At the same time, expect lots of laughter and general feelings of uplift and euphoria.

A nice hybrid combo, 24k Gold is a sociable yet relaxing strain.

3. Silver Haze

Honour Of The Olympics 3 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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Interested in a little game? Gold strains for all gold medals, silvers for second place, and bronzes for third. For a second place win, Silver Haze isn’t a bad prize. This energising sativa was created by breeders from Amsterdam’s famous Sensi Seeds, so you know it’s bound to be amazing. Silver Haze isn’t for cannabis newbies, THC levels can reach a hefty 24%.

Expect happy, clear-headed, mildly cerebral effects from this strain.

4. Bronze Whaler

Honour Of The Olympics 4 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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Bronze Whaler may be named after a shark, but is a nice and easy strain. When your favorite athlete takes third over gold, this Bronze will definitely lift your spirits. It has a moderate amount of THC (13-16%), making it nice for novice users.

Though the sedative effects of this strain are fairly gentle, slow and steady wins the race. This strain lingers around for about 4 hours.

5. Platinum Kush

Honour Of The Olympics 5 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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Platinum Kush is for those who are too cool for a real medal. A truly elite strain, this indica is deeply relaxing. Expect to watch the games with heavy lids, yet a happy and goofy grin on your face. Platinum Kush’s aroma features some deep, earthy undertones with a touch of tropical fruitiness. It’s safe to say the pleasant musky, semi-sweet taste is slightly reminiscent of Brazil’s famous rainforests.

6. 9-Pound Hammer

Honour Of The Olympics 6 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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Make the hammer throw a little more interesting with this heavy indica. Though, the only things you’ll be throwing after a few puffs of this 9 Pound Hammer are a few handfuls of chips into your mouth. This strain’s THC content ranges from 18% to 23%, making it decently potent. Though it’s mostly indica, a touch of sativa heritage adds a nice euphoric beat to an otherwise body-heavy strain.

Pick up some of this lady before the  2016 hammer throw trials, which begin Saturday, August 13th.

7. Biker Le’Blank

Honour Of The Olympics 7 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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This strain might be a little tricky to find. If you manage to spot it, this balanced hybrid will definitely spice up your Olympic viewing. Biker features a THC content of over 20%, making it a little on the potent side. Bred by Karma Genetics, this strain has some strong kush genetics.

This gives you a nice body high, though you’ll still be clear-headed enough to keep track of cyclists speeding by on screen. Olympic cycling trials begin August 6th.

8. Brazilian Amazonia

Honour Of The Olympics 8 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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Yay, Rio! Celebrate the Rio Olympics with one of the country’s best natural products: Brazilian Amazonia. As is probably obvious, this strain hails from the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This hybrid strain actually grows wild in the jungle, making it an incredibly interesting smoke. It’s thought to express mostly sativa phenotypes, but it tends to hit more like an indica.

The THC content of this lady hovers around 18%, meaning that it will typically satisfy new and experienced users alike.

9. F*cking Incredible

Honour Of The Olympics 9 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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Let’s face it, Olympians are freaking incredible. It’s difficult to believe your eyes when you see such impressive displays of athleticism. There’s no harm in turning to a little herbal medicine to help you process what you just witnessed. This strain is another mellow indica, perfect for chilling out and taking in all of the Olympic glory. It also has THC levels that stay between 18 and 20%.

So, it’s potent, but you won’t find yourself too blitzed to watch the games.

10. Hercules

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Takin’ it back to the Greek days. This sativa-dominant hybrid is quite perfect, really. Its inspires a nice, energetic, and alert headspace while still providing nice, gentle body effects. The Colorado Seed Inc. variety of this strain has been termed “Hippie Ritalin”. This is a great sign if you’re hoping to focus intensely on the games. Just don’t smoke too much, or the indica heritage will begin to take over.

True to its name, Hercules is pretty darn powerful. THC content in this beauty runs about 25%.

What’s your go-to Olympic Games strain? Share your thoughts with us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Aug 6, 2016