OMG… Would You Puff This Peter Piper?


This Peter Piper device is the truth about two products in one, a pipe and a dildo.

Sera Jane Ghaly
Feb 10, 2016

The marijuana industry is always coming up with new and astounding products – bowls that have LED lights, purses that fit all of your marijuana paraphernalia – but this pipe brings bowl innovation to a whole new level. This Peter Piper device is the truth about two products in one, a pipe and a dildo.

There has never been a product that was so blatantly obvious about how to kill two birds with one stone. Although this initially begs why someone would make this product, upon closer inspection it seems to make sense.

For Those Who Like To Smoke Alone…

OMG Peter Piper CI 1 OMG... Would You Puff This Peter Piper?
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This product might be more suitable for those of us that like to smoke alone, unless that is what you and your partner are into. So, this product is real, and yes – you just have to smoke it and then poke it. It makes sense when you think about why a company would combine these two products into one. Anyone who has smoked weed knows that it can definitely encourage sexuality and sensuality, and this product does just the same.

Those who like to smoke and then enjoy a little personal time will probably get along with this Peter Piper pipe very well. It is certainly the most efficient way to get your marijuana fix and then, well, your erotic fix. This is probably the most quintessential piece of marijuana paraphernalia you could own, if you think about it. Some stoners out there might be super excited to buy and share this product with their… intimate friends. Others might be more inclined to keep it as something they use personally, but whichever way it is, it certainly ensures a good time.

Peter Piper Puns

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This pipe is called the Peter Piper Pecker Puffer, and as you might have guessed, Peter Piper is all about puns. Their pipes are all about bringing the weird and the wacky to the stoner community with unexpected toys that they can enjoy.

Luckily enough, Peter Piper has put a disclaimer on the packaging of this pipe to give instructions on how to use it, simply suggesting to users that they smoke it before they poke it, especially if they are in the company of guests. The vision for this product prevails that pleasure is about maximum efficiency, and it certainly does not fail to fit the bill.

Buying The Dildo Pipe

OMG peter piper CI 3 OMG... Would You Puff This Peter Piper?
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Even though this product came onto the market targeted towards marijuana smokers, it has since become a huge product in the sex industry. So, whether you are a marijuana enthusiast or a sex enthusiast (or both), why not bring your two enthusiasms together in a night with this new toy?

It could certainly be a new way to experience getting stoned with your partner… or with yourself. It doesn’t matter with this pipe, it all works out! So if you’re telling yourself, “no they didn’t”, you can reassure yourself as Peter Piper does on the box of this pipe that “yes we did”.

You can buy the Peter Piper Pecker Puffer at Forbidden Lust for a little over $50!

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Sera Jane Ghaly
Feb 10, 2016