Fact Or Fiction: Does Orange Peel Keep Your Weed Fresh?

There are numerous ways to keep your bud fresh. But have you heard that keeping orange peel with your weed can rejuvenate it?

Feb 23, 2017

There are numerous ways to keep your bud fresh. But have you heard that an orange peel can rejuvenate your ganja? And if so, is it true? As it turns out, it can provide moisture to your dry buds. However, there’s a catch. Although an orange peel can freshen up your weed, it can also invite an unfriendly guest.

Orange peel and pot

Of course, preserving your cannabis is important, no one wants to smoke bad weed. Trying out new ways to avoid that disappointment is great, but is the orange peel an effective one?

The truth is that an orange does indeed contain moistening properties. Therefore, it can provide moisture to dried out weed. You can also use watermelon peels, iceberg lettuce, apple peels and other fruits and vegetables with a moisturized skin.

Place your weed in a ziplock baggy. Add the peel to it for 3-4 hours to re-humidity your weed. Make sure you put your weed back in a properly sealed container afterward.

Mold isn’t a myth

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However, there’s something else that orange peel can contain: mold. As you probably already know, consuming moldy weed is a big fat no. You NEVER want to resort to that.

As a result of introducing an orange peel to your weed, especially for extended periods of time, you are increasing the risk of unintentionally inviting these unfriendly guests to join the party.

Obviously, mold is harmful to your health and your ganja. Not only can it make you sick, but it will also ruin your bud.

Even if the orange itself is free of mold, it can still attract it. Oranges excrete oil, which may draw bacteria and thus promote the growth of mold.

In conclusion, yes, an orange peel can keep your weed fresh by providing moisture. However, some risks come along with it.

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Feb 23, 2017