7 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Oregon

Can you complete this sentence in terms of cannabis? You know you’re from Oregon when…

Mar 17, 2017

Oregon may not have been the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, but Oregonians are sure spoiled by top-quality bud, concentrates, and innovative new cannabis products. The cannabis industry in Oregon is growing rapidly, and much has changed since voters first allowed safe, adult access to recreational cannabis. Now, in the era of quasi-cannabis freedom, you know you’re from Oregon when…

1. Your kitchen “herb garden” is really just a bunch of cannabis plants

Back in 2014, Oregon voters legalized recreational cannabis. It’s now legal to grow up to four plants in Oregon. While this means that dedicated home growers and casual gardeners alike are free to experiment with the plant anyway they see fit, so long as they are compliant with Oregon law.

2. You’re super pumped that CBD is a new addition to a local microbrew

Craft brews, buds, wines, and coffees draw some serious culinary tourism here in Oregon. Now, innovative growers are combining two of the state’s favorite things: beer and cannabis. Coalition Brewing in Southeast Portland has joined with Half Baked Labs to develop the Canna Series IPA.

These beers will be infused with CBD extract, making it one of the most chill brews available in the Beaver State. Recently, Coalition Brewing launched the first of the series, Two Flowers IPA, which contains both hemp and CBD.  Each 10 oz glass contains 5 mg of CBD.

3. You’re more than secretly happy that one of the State’s prime canna activists also loves bicycles and wears a bowtie

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U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer has served since 1996, and he has been an instrumental voice in Oregon cannabis legalization. Recently, he launched the Cannabis Caucus along with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

Previously, he launched the bicycle caucus, which seeks to make the U.S. a little more cycle friendly and spread awareness about cycling as a healthy and sustainable alternative to driving.

4. Seeing giant cannabis billboards now seems like no big deal

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The future is here. While cannabis was once something you hoped no saw stuff into your pocket, there are now giant billboards advertising free bongs and great cannabis deals along major streets and freeways. How the world has changed!

In Oregon, not only can you legally buy cannabis, but there is no hiding that the herb has quickly found a place in mainstream Oregon culture (except in all of those areas that don’t currently permit shops).

5. Most local news stations seem to give daily cannabis news

Have you ever noticed how often cannabis is now discussed on the local news? As a hot, emerging new Oregon market, local news stations seem to be tuned in to what Oregonians want to know. Whether it’s KOIN 6 or KGW 8, the cannabis-friendly content has increased over the past few years, further making the herb part of the new every day in Oregon.

6. You’ve smoked a lot of Cinex, Pineapple, Shipwreck, Marionberry Kush, or Blue Magoo

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There’s no denying that Oregonians grow some great cannabis. While many California classics like Gorilla Glue still dominate the scene, several contemporary hybrids are native to the Pacific Northwest, and can frequently be sighted on dispensary shelves.

Some of these strains include Blue Magoo, an Oregon creation, along with Shipwreck, Pineapple, and mixes of these strains. Cinex and Marionberry Kush are common finds in both Oregon and Washington.

7. You walk into a dispensary all excited for some wax, and then they have none


Unfortunately, recent licensing delays and changes in testing requirements have meant that concentrates have been a bit hard to come by in Oregon. While both State officials, extractors, and dispensaries have been addressing the situation, fans of wax and other concentrates have been a little disappointed recently.

Fortunately, over the next year, the testing and licensing processes are expected to smooth out and more businesses should be able to get products on the shelves.

Mar 17, 2017