How to Make An Emergency Origami Ashtray


All you need is some tin foil and a pair of scissors to create your own origami ashtray. Watch how in this video by Master Bong.

Brittney Sanger
Dec 22, 2016
origami ashtray

Tired of looking for a place to ash your joints/blunts, but don’t have the money for an ashtray? If so, keep those wallets in your pocket and make one instead. Not only will it save you the money, but it also doesn’t take a lot of effort to make. All you need is some tin foil and a pair of scissors to create your own origami ashtray. Spark up, get those creative juices flowing and be sure to check out the video by Master Bong below to get started.

DIY origami ashtray

During desperate times, ashes wind up in the oddest places, such as inside a half-drunken coke can or into your lap. By making an origami ashtray, though, you will always have an emergency ashtray on hand.

First, grab your supplies, which are tin foil and a pair of scissors. That’s it! Then, cut your tin foil, so that is measures 10×10 inches.

After you’re done cutting, it’s time to begin folding the piece into a triangle shape. Then, unfold it and fold another triangle going the opposite direction. Again, unfold the tinfoil and then start folding the four corners into the middle so that everything lines up.

Next, fold the bottom into the middle and do the same for the top. Once again, unfold both pieces and fold the two sides to the middle line.

Once you’re done folding the sides, it’s time to unfold and begin forming the box. However, you’ll need some extra help moving forward.

In general, origami can be tricky. Therefore, to finish making your very own origami ashtray, it’s best that you tune into Master Bong for extra guidance.

Brittney Sanger
Dec 22, 2016