Alaska approved a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in 2014. As of February 24, 2015, this came to fruition, leading Alaska to be the 3rd state in the US to legalize cannabis. With these promising developments, we’re hopeful Alaska will soon be bustling with commercial growing and dispensaries.

There is an information overload when it comes to the debate around cannabis and not all of it is true. Want to know some interesting facts that might just surprise you? Scroll through this list to do so.

Yes, the possession, sale, transport and cultivation of cannabis is still illegal in Malta, but the fight for legalization has made huge progress! Here’s what’s been going on recently.

Once one of the front-runners in the cannabis legalization race, Holland has suffered defeats in the past. However, new positives have come to light and legalization is close once again.

The battle for marijuana legalization and reform progresses each day. Instead of just reading about it, go ahead and get involved yourself! Here are some ways that you can help directly.

Many travellers are ill-informed when it comes to cannabis laws around the world. Planning on travelling soon? Read on and be aware of these 6 surprising laws.

While it’s always good to have a healthy debate, some people can’t avoid bringing up crazy facts. Want to avoid those people? Watch out for them making any of these arguments against legalization.

If you’re unsure about what’s going on with cannabis legalization down under, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the recent updates in the Aussie fight to legalize.

With British doctors beginning to back the use of cannabis for health reasons, the perception of the drug in the UK is beginning to change. Check out this list of key facts in the long-running legalisation debate.

Confused on what went on in 2014 in terms of the legalization of cannabis? We’ve got you covered with all of the major occurrences that you need to know about.

In honour of the first legally sanctioned sales of cannabis for recreational use in modern history, we have rounded up some of the most significant moments for cannabis in 2014.

The legalization movement is in full swing. Who’s next? Taking a look at medicinal use, public opinion & past legislation in each state, here are the ones we think will soon be legalizing marijuana.

It’s been 6 months since recreational use of marijuana became legal in Colorado. Regulators published the first study on Colorado’s industry. tells us 5 of the most surprising facts.

The marijuana industry has come under fire for being a boys club, but women have begun to gain significant traction. introduces us to 5 great women making a difference.

We already know that hemp can be used for countless applications, but the list seems to keep growing. tells us how hemp fibers can be used to power anything from your phone to your car.

You might have heard of it by one of its names: Bliss, Blaze, fake weed, etc. Either way, using synthetic marijuana can have deadly consequences. outlines some key points for us.

Studies have shown, time and time again, that alcohol use increases the likelihood of domestic violence. Marijuana, however, shows the exact opposite results. Read on for more details.

Legalizing marijuana has led to at least one positive side effect – decreasing opioid overdose mortality rates. Here’s what you need to know, from High Times.

CTV’s host Kevin Newman interviewed The Stoner’s Cookbook CEO Matt Gray on August 20th about his recent entrepreneurial endeavor into the edible marijuana industry and the culture that surrounds it.

New York is the 23rd state to legalize the use of medical marijuana with special thanks to 14 year old Oliver Miller. Read on to find out the inspiring events leading to the groundbreaking decision.

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