Edibles are becoming more and more popular as legalization spreads, and you can bet that businesses will be growing to support this up and coming industry.

Colorado & Washington took very different approaches to market development after legalization & there are many rules to know. Leafly shows us the differences so you don’t get caught in translation.

The WHO is now in agreement with other institutions that the war on drugs is failing miserably. Find out what needs to happen next according to Lexichronic.

The massive marijuana stock rally following the media frenzy when Colorado’s legal cannabis system kicked in earlier this year has all but fizzled. Is there hope for investors?

Even though medical marijuana is now legal across 9 states, and recreational use allowed in 2 states, there are still many roadblocks to obtaining MMJ. Here are 5 key reasons why.

Eaze announces a new on-demand healthcare delivery service that enables patients to access medical marijuana easily, quickly and professionally via mobile device.

Washington’s first recreational marijuana shop Cannabis City continues the trend of successful recreational legalization in the United States…

In December, 2013 Uruguay became the 1st country to fully legalize recreational cannabis countrywide. Since then, the rest of the world has been testing the waters with Who’s next? Leafly weighs in.

With marijuana law moving forward, it only makes sense that businesses are following in suit. Here are 12 public companies to watch this year, as compiled by

Canna-business owners have faced a dilemma when dealing with normal day-to-day financial transactions. Now the U.S. House of Representatives has voted in favor of allowing legal canna-business owners the right to use traditional banking services.

Most marijuana users will agree that they feel better after smoking, and even after coming down from their natural high – not worse. But a recent study claims to show that smoking ganja leads to increased feelings of depression and anxiety… what’s the real story?

While marijuana is now legal in a couple of states, we still have a long way to go. We’ve heard all sorts of reason to legalize weed—from half-baked reasons like “because I want to get high”, to fully legitimate reasons like medicinal uses. Here are Karmajello’s top 10.

It’s been 6 months since the first legal sales of recreational marijuana took place in Colorado. Now, state regulators published the 1st-ever study on Colorado’s groundbreaking industry.

While legalization takes time, the tech scene takes no time at all when it comes to making life more convenient and social. Here are 3 apps that make life easier for the cannabis community.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s medical correspondent, has reversed his opinion on marijuana, citing many that it has many benefits. Here are 11 reasons why he made the switch.

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