Anti-pot groups and lawmakers are still trying to stop the measure.

Michigan Marijuana Activists Collect Enough Signatures To Get Legalization On The Ballot

Voters legalized weed at the polls in 2016, but there’s still nowhere to buy it.

Maine Governor Paul LePage Blocks Recreational Marijuana Sales

Adults, 50 and older, have seen the greatest increase in marijuana use in recent decades.

Older Americans Are 20x More Likely To Be Getting High Than They Were Thirty Years Ago

Cities across the state are doing everything they can to keep weed out.

Only 1 in 7 California Cities Allow Recreational Marijuana Sales

When buying weed becomes as easy as grocery shopping.

These 10 California Cities Have The Highest Pot Shop Ratio Per 10,000 Residents

A growing number of adolescents are switching from cigarettes to e-cigs.

Teens Who Use E-Cigarettes Are More Likely To Smoke Marijuana: A Study

Nevada’s Gaming Commission has banned weed “impairment.”

Las Vegas Casinos Are Now Required To Kick Out Anyone They Think Is High

“Cannabis has a long history of safe medical use dating from millennia”

NORML Submits 10,000 Letters To The Feds Telling Them To End Cannabis Prohibition

He spent 10 days behind bars until his doctor could prove he’s a patient.

Pennsylvania marijuana patient jailed for legally using marijuana

She said the country has a completely different work ethic and low productivity.

Conservative Party Member Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin Says Weed Will Make Canada As Unproductive As 'Jamaica'

Last year, cannabis businesses raised $593 million in funding.

These Are The Cannabis Companies Most Likely To Shape The Industry

They’re shutting it down for six weeks of cleanup.

Vancouver Officials Want 420 Fest To Pay For Trashing A Major Local Park

The federal ban on cannabis prevents patients from using it in public housing, even in legal states.

Congress Considers Ending The Eviction Of Marijuana Patients In Public Housing

Currently, patients can only use marijuana in pill, oil, topical, tincture, or liquid form.

Pennsylvania approves the sale of flower for their medical program

She wants him to understand how his policies affect people who made minor mistakes for their entire lives.

Kirsten Gillibrand Demands Jeff Sessions Meets With People Arrested For Pot Possession

They looked just like letters sent out by the state a few weeks prior.

Michigan dispensaries receive fake letters warning them to stop operations

The Attorney General has been stubbornly standing in the way of progress.

Jeff Sessions signals that he'll finally allow marijuana research to move forward

“I changed my mind and I am certain you can as well.”

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta writes letter to Sessions calling cannabis the best answer to opioid addiction

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