Despite legalization, it remains extremely difficult to access medical cannabis in Australia.

Prominent Cannabis Grower Tony Bower Is Arrested For Gifting Cannabis Oil To Patients

He is joining one of the largest cannabis companies in the U.S.

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner just publicly supported de-scheduling cannabis

The state currently doesn’t allow for the social consumption of legal herb.

Why The Cannabis Industry Disapproves Of Colorado’s Pot Lounges Plan

His grandfather passed away from prostate cancer.

High Schooler Daniel Baksh Wins Fair For Promising Cannabis and Cancer Research

They’re accepting public comments until April 23rd.

The United Nations To Consider Rescheduling Cannabis

Recreational marijuana was linked to a decrease in reported rapes and thefts.

New Data Finds Cannabis Legalization Reduces Violent Crime

The former Sex and the City star is running for governor and she’s making weed a priority.

Cynthia Nixon wants to legalize weed in New York

If a US border official asks if you’ve smoked marijuana before, saying “yes” could result in denied entry. But lying means a lifetime ban.

Canadians Who Smoke Legal Weed Can Be Banned From Crossing The U.S. Border

He and his wife Honey were one of the richest couples in Canada.

Murdered Pharma Mogul Barry Sherman Was Developing A Pot Pill

The lineup includes Bassnectar, Ludacris and Sizzla.

Chalice Becomes The First Music Festival To Allow Weed Sales And Consumption On Site

The topic of homes is a tense subject in the Bay Area. Now, cannabis is making it even tenser.

Corporate Cannabis Threatens Oakland's Artist Communities

Marijuana is said to help animals with pain and anxiety.

New York Considers Legalizing Marijuana For Pets

They’re trying to block a legalization initiative from getting on the ballot in November.

Utah Medical Association is urging people to remove their signature from a medical marijuana initiative

Cannabis activists and celebrities were furious when they found out.

How This Man Got The Only Marijuana Patent In The U.S.

The cannabis industry continues to largely operate in cash.

Marijuana friendly states want to meet with Sessions

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