The cannabis industry continues to largely operate in cash.

Marijuana friendly states want to meet with Sessions

Dispensaries across the state can’t keep up with dealers.

Berkeley cuts their weed taxes in half to compete with the black market

The DEA just approved Insys to distribute synthetic forms of cannabis. They did this despite the company’s history of abuse.

Insys granted preliminary approval from the DEA to distribute synthetgic cannabis

There are decriminalization efforts in Oregon, Colorado and California.

D.C. activists are giving out free cannabis today and tomorrow (April 2-3) to protest. Join their cause.

Vets, Students, Low-Income Residents Lose Housing Over Their Medical Marijuana Use

Horrifying stories of people getting killed and serving time.

The 5 worst pot busts in history

States with laxer cannabis laws had 22% more innovation. 

Harvard Study Finds Liberal Cannabis Policies Fuel Innovation

The man thinks marijuana is “altering the minds of the American people.”

Virginia Man Threatens To Murder Rep. Scott Taylor Over Marijuana

He started using drugs—and then selling them—to deal with combat-related PTSD.

Veteran Miguel Perez Jr. Deported To Mexico After Two Tours In Afghanistan

He got stopped while traveling to Sacramento.

Dispensary Owner Flagged By TSA Airport Security Because He Works In Cannabis

They don’t want the government telling them how to legalize.

Indigenous communities want to introduce independent marijuana shops

They play a key role in changing policy.

The IRS Prevents Cannabis Groups From Receiving Non-Profit Status

“We can’t just put it into any closet in our police facility,” a superintendent said.

Hamilton Cops are running out of space for illegal weed

Hundreds of dispensaries are fighting to stay open.

Detroit dispensary turf war

Will veterans finally get access to cannabis?

Trump Fires VA Secretary David Shulkin. What Will It Mean For Cannabis?

Synthetic cannabinoids can lead to seizures, psychosis, and even death.

The feds propose harsher sentences for dealing synthetic cannabis and opioids

A cop was trying to seize one cannabis plant in a backyard.

Detroit To Pay $225,000 For Killing Dogs In A Cannabis Raid

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