Hemp is illegal because it comes from the cannabis plant.

The Senate's Republican leader wants to legalize and fund industrial hemp

They can’t afford to navigate the state’s complicated regulations.

California's Marijuana Regulations Leave Behind Generations Of Humboldt Family Farms

Massachusetts towns can choose to ban the legal cannabis market.

Most Massachusetts Towns Ban Recreational Marijuana Sales Before They Begin

All across the country, cannabis enthusiasts are getting ready for the day that prohibition ends.

Even in Texas, Hopeful Cannabis Entrepreneurs Prep For Legalization

She told lawmakers to stop “artificially propping up businesses of this sort.”

Rep. Maxine Waters Says Cannabis Investment Is As Foolish As UFOs and Light-Travel

A marijuana research proposal in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s January 2018 budget proposal was shut down by the Republican-controlled Senate.

While the study is only preliminary, its results are shocking. Should we be rethinking the stoner tradition of hotboxing?

secondhand weed smoke more harmful than cigarettes

Children suffering rare forms of epilepsy are having their lives changed by incorporating medical marijuana into their treatment.

The state’s recreational market is slated to open on July 1, but there could be snafus.

The Ultimate Guide To Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana Sales

An article has been added to the Swiss Federation’s Narcotics Act that allows for scientific research projects.

In Maine, it is now illegal for companies to punish employees for their off-hours cannabis use.

Maine Just Became The First State To Protect Cannabis Use Outside Work

The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment was extended until September 30.

MMJ protections passed…Something about guys named Sessions

The McClintock-Polis amendment would have provided even more protection to legal weed states than the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment. Sadly, The US House Rules Committee voted against it.

McClintock-Polis Amendment Could Prevent Enforcement Of Cannabis Prohibition

The Drug Enforcement Administration receives millions of dollars each year to “suppress” and “eradicate” cannabis.

Congressmen Implore The House To Stop Funding DEA Cannabis Crackdowns

Now Home Depot will be selling products that are specifically designed to grow marijuana on their website.

Home Depot partners w/ cannabis company

Virginia just made it legal for doctors to prescribe THCA to patients. Here is why that is important:

Voters in the state’s largest county sided overwhelmingly in favor of a pro-legalization ballot initiative on March 20.

Illinois Votes 'Yes' On Recreational Marijuana. But It Might Not Happen.

Trump was thinking about replacing him with someone even more against legalization.

Jeff Sessions Barely Saves His Own Job By Firing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Support for legalization among Democrats is quickly becoming the norm.

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