Private marijuana testing labs are approving contaminated weed for profit.

Last year, the state passed a law which allowed epilepsy patients to possess CBD oil, but provided no way for them to legally buy it.

Indiana legislature legalizes CBD oil, heads to the governors desk

Outsourcing and automation destroyed the livelihoods of the people of Smiths Falls. Now cannabis is saving them.

Canopy Growth Corporation saved the small town of Smith Falls failing economy by taking over the Hershey Factory to use it as growing facilities for medical cannabis

According to a report by analytics firm New Frontier Data the economic implications of cannabis legalization are substantial.

In a New York Times report, a New York City Police Officer confirmed that the odor of cannabis is often used to justify illegal searches to meet arrest quotas.

Trump’s VA Chief keeps referencing a federal marijuana ban and then ignoring requests to see it.

Congresswoman Lee Calls The VA's Cannabis Policy A "Disgrace"

It doesn’t have anything to do with humans.

New Study Traces Why Psilocybin Mushrooms Evolved To Be Psychedelic

He’s calling for crackdowns on dealers, doctors, and big pharma.

Trump Releases His Long-Awaited Plan To End The Opioid Crisis

Hemp is still federally classified as a drug because it comes from the cannabis plant.

The Bill To Legalize Industrial Hemp Gains Traction In The House

The bill, known as Let Doctors Decide, went into effect immediately after being signed on March 9.

Virginia Now Allows Medical Cannabis Oil For Any Condition

Cannabis was banned in Alabama in 1931. It’s been banned ever since.

Alabama Man Gets 3 Years In Prison For Growing Pot In His Backyard

Only five grows will be approved for the entire state’s medical market.

Arkansas Pot Farmers Fight Over Limited Grow Licenses

He blames marijuana for the state’s overdose crisis.

West Virginia U.S. Attorney Blames The Marijuana 'Gateway Theory' For The State's Drug Crisis

Communities in legal states fight to keep the cannabis industry out.

Washington Court Rules Clark County Can Ban The State-Legal Cannabis Industry

Now middle-class Mexicans are coming over the border to enjoy the Golden State’s legal weed.

Mexico is going to have to build a wall to keep American drugs out of their country

The bill which was meant to legalize CBD will now relax gun laws.

Indiana guts CBD bill and turns it into gun legislation

The bill would allow students, ranging from those in kindergarten to 12th grade to consume non-smokable medical marijuana on school property.

Science says that decriminalizing cannabis stops criminal records from preventing success later in life.

decriminalization of cannabis benefits youth

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