Every person on the planet should have access to the benefits of cannabis.

The 14 Most Game-Changing Stoner Gifts For Under $20

His remarks countered the organization’s top narcotics officials who released a report earlier in the week criticizing marijuana legalization efforts around the world.

He’s running for re-election in November.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Vows To Veto Recreational Marijuana Legislation

They tried to divert his flight from The Philippines and failed. Now, he’s back in the UK where he faces extradition to the US.

Gypsy Nirvana: The Cannabis Seed Dealer Who Keeps Getting Away

Rumors bubbled up last night that President Trump wants to let VA Secretary David Shulkin go. Will his replacement be more open to marijuana for veterans?

Will The VA’s Attitudes Toward Marijuana Change If Secretary Shulkin Gets Fired?

He redefined how we think about the nature of reality.

Stephen Hawking —Visionary Physicist—Dies at 76 in Cambridge

Weedmaps told California officials they are partly to blame for the lack of compliance among dispensaries due to their unreasonably strict regulations.

Weedmaps Refuses To Remove Unlicensed Dispensaries From Its Site

Nearly half of all drug arrests are for marijuana.

Lawyers Team Up To Clear Pot Possession Charges Nationwide

The police tried to justify it during a conference on Monday (March 12).

NYPD Commissioner Defends The High Number Of Minority Arrests For Pot Possession

There’s been a whole lotta fear-mongering happening.

Jeff Sessions Says The Feds Don't Have The Resources To Crackdown On Legal Marijuana

States that arrest a lot of people have the same rate of drug use as states that don’t.

Drug Arrests Do Not Decrease Drug Use, Pew Report Finds

Lawmakers consider a bill that defines the smell of weed as a “public nuisance.”

Vermont Considers Fining Its Citizens For Smelling Like Weed

Child Protective Services accused the parents of abusing their daughter because they give her marijuana to stop her from hurting herself.

Texas Judge Rules Parents Who Treat Their Daughter's Autism With Marijuana Are 'Fit' For Guardianship

They included the weight of the butter in his cannabutter when judging how much pot he had.

Rainbow City Man Gets Arrested For Pot After Outing Cop Corruption

The much-anticipated opening of dispensaries quickly turned to frustration and disappointment.

Efforts to legalize recreational marijuana have been derailed by competing proposals and endless debate.

New Jersey Legalization is Derailed by Competing Proposals and Endless Debate

Benjamin Thomas Wolf has been getting nationwide attention since releasing a photo of himself smoking a joint in front of the American flag.

"Cannabis Candidate" Benjamin Wolf Doesn't Actually Know Anything About Weed

According to a UN report, legal recreational cannabis violates decades-old international drug control treaties and is dangerous for international relations.

The United Nations INCB just warned member states to keep recreational cannabis illegal

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