Bernie Sanders has launched a petition on his official website to end the war on drugs.

Bernie Sanders launches a petition to legalize weed

Williamson, Virginia is a town that exemplifies the extent to which the opioid crisis is partially fueled by irresponsible pharmaceutical corporations.

Early this morning, Congress voted to renew the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment.


According to a report by Amanda Chicago Lewis, the government stands to make 5 billion dollars in the next ten years by keeping weed illegal.

The recent announcement of staggering death tolls of murders perpetrated by the Philippine National Police signals that Duterte’s war on drugs is far from over.

Philippine national police resume war on drugs and killing drug users

If you were sentenced for crack on August 4th, 2010, you have an entirely different penalty than if were sentenced on August 2nd.


From DJ Quik to Dr. Dre, Compton has produced some of the greatest weed anthems known to man.

Only patients with epilepsy are eligible for cannabis in the conservative state.


With the use of medical cannabis, 7-year-old Jagger Cotte has lived nearly twice as long as doctors predicted he would. Now, his family is suing Jeff Sessions to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act.

Jagger Coates uses Cannabis Oil

There were storage bins of flower throughout the house.

police officer with a bag of marijuana

Mornings just became so much better.

Women drinking a weed infused cup of coffee

Today, Twitter was full of commemorations to Trayvon Martin, many reflecting on a life that was lost too soon.

Travyon Martin

The court called it the worst trial delay they’d ever seen.

French officials have now put a legal limit on the amount of Nutella that can be purchased.


The feds seize money from people who have never been charged with a crime and then use it to crack down on the cannabis industry.


New strains, new edibles, new markets…Willie’s not going anywhere.

Willie Nelson

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