The rapper didn’t mince words on CNN over the weekend.


He’s known as the father of California’s medical marijuana movement.

Dennis Peron Smoking a joint

They don’t want weed seeming too glamorous or exciting.


Perhaps hip-hop, with its do-or-die mentality, is the right kind of music for people willing to take the risks inherent in a new currency.


A hard look at whether the bill to end prohibition will pass this year.

marijuana justice act

Rapper Vic Mensa has a message—and he wants you to listen.

vic mensa

They’re not allowed to have bank accounts.

Since weed is still illegal at the federal level, the government doesn’t consider the weed industry an industry at all.

cannabis industry

He’s consistently said the VA can’t research marijuana cause it’s federally illegal.


The police chief had a clean record. But behind the scenes, he was making grotesque racist remarks.

Between 2008 and 2016, 35 states simultaneously shrunk their prison population and brought down crime rates.


“It’s not for me to say only this condition can have it, or only that one,” said one government official.


This is the most significant merger the cannabis sector has ever seen.

Cannabis worker in a feild

In Spring Grove, Illinois a woman faces felony charges for driving with pistachio crumbs.

The termination of the standard practice has vast implications for drug possession cases.


Legalization will bring billions of dollars, massive grow rooms, and…lots of work for weed lovers.

Man in A protective suit in a Cannabis Grow-op

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