Despite warnings from Tide and health experts, the vaping trend has become a viral sensation in recent weeks.

Man Pouring tide pod gel into a vape

It’s the first state to do so. New Hampshire will likely follow this year.


It would essentially dismantle the White House office responsible for responding to one of the worst drug crises in American history.

Trump wants to slash drug policy funding needed to fight the opioid crisis by 95 percent

While rappers like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Redman are seen as the kings of rapping about weed, Berner is making waves as a marijuana mogul.

Berner Weed Mogul

The farmers paid $5000 each for cultivation permits. Now, they’ve been given 90 days to start their lives over.

Cannabis Farmer Calaveras County

It’s the cannabis industry’s first significant investment from a major bank.

Canopy Growth BMO bank

They claim to have a religious right to marijuana.

Cannabis Church

The law will officially take effect on July 1, 2018, making Vermont the ninth state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. 

Vermont Legalization Cannabis

The “agent” could be a sticker, tag, microchip or some sort of chemical additive.


The province could be the world’s largest cannabis retailer.


The Chicago drill rapper was highly respected in the hip-hop community.


Earlier this month, two masked men walked into a dispensary in Ontario, assaulted one of the employees, and made off with merchandise and cash.


L.A. is the world’s biggest cannabis market.

Los Angeles

The fear of being prosecuted often prevents addicts from seeking help.

This is the first cannabis-based product that has been approved for sale as a nutritional supplement in Puerto Rico’s history.

Puerto Rico approves first cannabis nutritional supplement

Will the proud smokers push legalization forward?

Killer Mike and T.I

Edgar Castro’s case against the Phoenix Police shines a light on police brutality and the continued injustices of the war on drugs.

Police who forced man to eat weed now have to pay him $100,000

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