Every other bill has been pushed through by voters at the polls.

Robert L. DuPont wants to monitor those who fail drug tests for up to 5-years.

 HR 4779 is a new bill that would protect states that choose to legalize weed.

The glaring double standard, when compared to other substances, is infuriating.

At Eisenhower Elementary School in Green Bay, Wisconsin parents are up in arms after second graders ate edibles on the playground.

A writer on the show recently delivered some terrible news to fans.

She watched her dad get arrested and sentenced to five years for his grow.


Jeff Sessions plan isn’t a sudden crackdown on weed, it’s an intentionally slow and calculated dismantling of policy.

Jeff Sessions Fighting Legal Weed

Vets are pretty much still on their own.


“Sorry bro,” reads the festival’s website.


In her wildly successful song, Cardi B raps “I used to live in the P’s, now it’s a crib with a gate / Rollie got charms, look like Frosted Flakes.”

Cardi B

One state senator filed a bill last week that could stop it.


You won’t find any cheesy marijuana posters or sketchy bar-secured windows at these high-end pot shops.

The faces, made out of resin, look like giant nugs.


The number of ER visits among dogs spiked in Colorado with the expansion of medical marijuana.


As weed becomes more accepted, the people who use it do too.


It’s a pressing question as weed becomes legal but there’s nowhere to light up.


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