Hawaii’s medical marijuana regulations are so detailed, they serve as wallpaper covering half the conference room of island dispensary Aloha Green.


Recreational sales are about to be official in the world’s largest marijuana market.


It may still be a while before we see a cannabis cafe on every corner.

From Girl Scout troop leader to pot trailblazer.

“My personal belief is that cannabis prohibition is a failed policy,” the former DEA agent told Herb.

privateer holdings

It doesn’t matter if weed’s legal if you can’t buy it.

In order to end the crisis, we must understand it.


They’re also vaping more—although they don’t seem to know what’s in their vapes.

Woman smoking Cannabis

Cannabis could hurt the planet if cultivation practices don’t change. One husband and wife are leading the charge.

Pot Zero

Under current law, dispensaries can lose everything without ever being convicted.

Governments keep legislating. Meanwhile, indigenous leaders wonder where that leaves them.

First Nations communities are debating getting involved in weed

These findings challenge the long-held association between marijuana and schizophrenia.

CBD has benefits for schizophrenia a double blind

One expert compared the quality of corporate weed to PBR: cheap, but terrible.

Walmart of Weed

When Las Vegas started gearing up for recreational sales this summer, Henderson decided to temporarily ban them for six months. Now, they’ve gotten on board.

Recreational Pot in Southern Nevada Just Levelled Up

The mysterious philanthropist is asking for recommendations of good causes on Reddit.

Anonymous person who made millions in Bitcoin donates to psychedelic research

The “synthetic marijuana” is now approved for prescription by the feds while real marijuana remains completely banned alongside drugs like heroin.

It’s 30 feet taller than the White House and 50 feet shorter than a Boeing 757.

the making of a 100ft joint

The undercover operation had been underway for a year.

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