CBD, a cannabis compound which does not make users high, helps with chronic pain, anxiety, and more. But it’s still ranked alongside heroin as a dangerous drug with no medical benefit.

a man pours out CBD oil

The plan, which has already been successfully executed in Portugal, could set an important example for criminal justice reform around the world.

Lesotho, a small country nestled inside the borders of South Africa, has legalized medical marijuana. Who will be next on the continent?

Africa is on the verge of a weed race, especially in Morocco

It seems this DARE relic is coming back to haunt us…again.

How To Shut Down the Gateway Drug Theory

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to drug test people on welfare.

Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker Wants To Drug Test People On Welfare

Ireland will likely start the process of legalizing recreational cannabis within four years, according to Dublin politician Gino Kenny.

Man riding on the shoulders of others celebrating

Opponents of legal marijuana love to use “the safety of children” as a primary reason for why marijuana should remain federally prohibited. Turns out, they are wrong.

Family talking to a doctor. medical marijuana for children

The answer isn’t so simple.

Older woman smoking cannabis

Will these incidents become more common in California when the recreational market opens in 2018?

Keeping marijuana away from children and teenagers has long been a rallying cry of prohibitionists. But now there’s data to show their argument doesn’t hold up.

Two young males smoking

Toking, puffing, vaping, and edibles are all tried and true methods of consuming cannabis. But one company is still asking: are you suuuure you don’t want to try your nose?

It looks like women are not only leading as entrepreneurs in the cannabis world but as consumers too.

woman smokes cannabis during the annual NYC Cannabis Parade. Turns out women smoke more than men

Despite being significantly safer, cannabis advertising is under fire while beer advertisements saturate billboards and television screens.

Female activist talking to reporters about cannabis

Most people who live in the state support pot for medical purposes. Advocates are sick of waiting for politicians to do something about it.

Missouri is trying to get medical marijuana legalized again

“It’s amazing. It’s really the start of the culmination of a four-year journey for us,” said one Maryland dispensary owner.

Finally! Maryland Started Selling Medical Marijuana

Due to a legal grey-zone that exists between state and federal law, lawyers representing cannabis businesses now fear that they will be charged.

Cannabis lawyers enter a legal grey zone between state and federal law

“I think there’s a misconception that people who are up here are just raking in the cash,” says Becky Crossland of Formidable Flower, a family farm located in Humboldt County.

Woman walking through her Cannabis Farm

Drugslab, funded by the Dutch Government, features three Blonde babes trying everything from peyote to poppers.

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