According to a new survey, Americans think cellphones are a greater threat to public safety than dank nugs.

Recently, Jeff Sessions inspired a fresh bout of fear that the DEA might soon crackdown on states with legal medicinal and recreational weed with the expiration of Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Act.

Jeff Sessions

Researchers hypothesize the naturally-occurring substance DMT could explain dreams, consciousness, and religious visions.

Adults over the age of 21 can now legally light up, but the state still has a lot to figure out when it comes to sales.

On the porch of his Laguna Woods home, Robert Evans, 52

In 2015, thirty-six percent of “executive-level positions” in the cannabis industry were held by women in comparison to 23 percent in other industries.

a female owner of a marijuana dispensary in Portland Oregon poses with cannabis product

Drones, self-driving cars, and other forms of AI are predicted to transform society. The cannabis industry will be no exception.

Drones, chat bots, and self-driving cars are among the futuristic innovations likely to shape the cannabis industry.

There are few places in Ontario where medical marijuana patients can legally buy edibles. This clever culinary team is figuring out a way to change that.

Officials are still spreading lies about marijuana as a dangerous, gateway drug.

hese are the congressmen up for re-election still saying ridiculous things about marijuana

In addition to appealing to women in the middle stages of life, Ellementa aspires to reach minorities and others susceptible to marginalization.

Woman inspecting marijuana crops at dispensary

Think: “blunt vader” and a gold shotgun blunt, packed with half a pound of bud.

Xibit and famous rappers smoke blunts made by an instagram celebrity

For anyone with a fear of public speaking who lives in a state or country with legal cannabis, these findings are potentially game-changing.

Fear of public speaking

Former NHL enforcer, Riley Cote tells HERB that he thinks professional sports organizations embracing cannabis will benefit players’ health and teams’ bottom-lines.

NHL Enforcer Cannabis Professional Sports

Eight out of ten Americans suffer from chronic back pain, but there isn’t much data on what cannabis strains might help. We did our own investigation.

Cali OG best strains for backpain

While Britain has made significant progress in updating policy to match research on the therapeutic benefits of CBD, the United States is still living in the dark ages.


After years of turmoil, Greece may finally be on the way to finding itself on a financially promising path—marijuana.

The findings suggest that marijuana users weren’t as likely to suffer from atrial fibrillation, a condition marked by an irregular heartbeat that can cause strokes, heart failure and blood clots.

Man having a heart attack in the back of an ambulance

The school still hasn’t given a good explanation why.

University accused of only giving drug tests to black students

This could seriously impact what products end up on shelves at Canadian dispensaries.

Man in Cannabis Production plant

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